Decluttering is a great way to clear your house and your mind. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy. To truly organise your space, you’ll probably have to downsize on some of your possessions. The most common reason for a messy home is having too many items and not enough space to keep them. However, many people find themselves avoiding decluttering despite having the means to do so.

In many cases, decluttering feels more complicated than just sorting and getting rid of items. If you find sentimental value in your possessions, letting them go can be incredibly difficult. It can feel like you’re letting go of memories, past relationships, or complicated emotions. Certain items can be a tangible representation of feelings and experiences that would otherwise only exist in your mind, and releasing these sentimental items is challenging.

Overcoming the emotions of decluttering is possible, though. You don’t have to allow your possessions to control your emotions or actions. Instead, you can achieve peace of mind by clearing space in your home and only keeping the items that have a distinct place and purpose. To avoid being overwhelmed by emotions as you declutter, approach the task carefully and thoughtfully. Here are three tips for improving your mindset toward decluttering:

Keep Only the Items That Serve a Purpose

A person holding a letter next to a cardboard box

Everything in your home should have a current purpose for yourself or your family. Items that aren’t actively benefiting your household are taking up space and making your home feel cluttered and cramped. As you sort through your possessions, ask yourself about the purpose of every item you encounter. If someone else would get more use out of one of your possessions, consider gifting or donating it.

If you have items that you only occasionally use, consider renting a storage unit with Perth Storage. Seasonal items, tools, and “just in case” items can be helpful to keep around, but they may take up too much space and make your home feel crowded or messy. Perth Storage can help you conquer clutter by providing extra space for your possessions.

This helps to ease the emotional burden of letting go of certain items, too. You can keep the items in your Perth Storage unit while you adjust to not having them in your home. Then, you can decide when you’re ready to release them for good.

Take Photos

Photos scattered all over the table

Instead of holding onto every item you feel emotionally attached to, take a picture of it. Your smartphone camera is a valuable tool, and you can back up your photos on the cloud or onto a hard drive to keep them safe. Then, you can use the photos to reflect and reminisce, but your house won’t be so cluttered.

Enlist Help

A girl writing 'donations' on a cardboard box with a pen

Trying to declutter on your own can be especially difficult because you’re alone with your thoughts. If possible, have help from someone who will challenge your desire to keep all of your clutter. You may need to enlist the help of a friend or family member outside your household who doesn’t have any emotional attachment to the items in their house. They can help you stay objective and practical as you sort through your possessions and decide what to remove.