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How To Make A Small Apartment Feel Bigger

Published On: 15 July, 2021|2.8 min read|

It is very possible to make a small apartment seem large and spacious even with multiple pieces of furniture; it’s all about knowing how to use colour and the right home decor to your advantage. Often redecorating and decluttering can be a tiresome process figuring out where to store your belongings, which is why making use of a storage unit for those excess goods is a beneficial consideration for creating the extra space.

Using Coloured Textures to Your Advantage

Textured Wall Paint

Don’t think you’re restricted to only one colour, if you would like, you can use a variation of different textures and colours to make your apartment feel bigger. However, avoid using dark colours because they’ll just fill the room making it seem even smaller. Some great choice recommendations for decor would be a cream sofa, a big mirror or a white rug. You can also clean and leave your walls clear to make them seem brighter and less cluttered. To make the decluttering process easier when styling your new apartment, Self storage Perth has a convenient storage solution to help maximise extra space!

While all colours and shades (excluding darker shades) are acceptable, the best way to make a small apartment feel bigger is to use light colours in the decor. This will fill the room with more space and actually make it seem much larger than before. Use brighter furniture instead of darker tones, and avoid using cloths that are too dark or those that might cover up your walls.

Using white and lighter colours and shades is effective because they will reflect light; this will make your apartment seem like it’s not so little anymore! If you have dark textured furniture that you do not wish to use anymore, Self Storage Perth can help with storing these items to keep your apartment as spacious as possible.

Choose the Right Decor

Block Mirror

Small spaces can be tough to decorate because they often lack storage and decoration opportunities. One way to combat this is by utilising your walls with large pieces of art and mirrors. Mirrors can make a space feel much bigger and brighter, which is why you should hang them on the wall to reflect natural light. Wall art should incorporate lighter colours or muted tones that would look good in a small space. One way to avoid over-decorating, is to follow the “less is more” rule. This means decor should complement, not compete with, other design elements such as lighting and furniture.

One easy way to make your small living space seem much larger is by using carefully chosen decor. One great tip would be to avoid adding too many decorations because this will only make the room look smaller than before! Finally, with whatever you decide to use to decorate your apartment, make sure it’s your style and you like it! If you feel you need to unpack or declutter your apartment with items, Self Storage Perth offers a variety of services to help you make your tiny space feel less confined and more liveable. Our Self Storage Perth facility is state of the art, and why we’re the #1 choice for simple and easy storage solutions for all your personal belongings and more!

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