Caravan Storage Perth

Our facilities offer a secure and ample space specifically designed for the storage of your caravan, RV and other large vehicles.

Prepare Your Caravan for Storage

Before storing your caravan or RV with us, please ensure it fits within the dimensions of our storage offerings; our expert team is available to assist in selecting the ideal space, ensuring a suitable and cost-effective fit. To ensure the safety of your vehicle and comply with our guidelines, please adhere to the following requirements:

  • Your caravan must be operational or securely placed on a trailer.
  • Present valid registration and/or title.
  • If the caravan isn’t yours, written permission from the owner alongside their ID is necessary.
  • Your identification must also be provided.
  • Arranging insurance coverage for your caravan is your responsibility.

How much does it cost to store a caravan?

Caravan storage pricing changes depending on location, but it ranges from $22 – $55 a week.

Once your documents are verified and the agreement is finalised, simply bring your caravan or RV to its new storage space. Benefit from uninterrupted, 24/7 access to your vehicle with our entry policy.



Caravan Storage near Perth Airport

Our caravan storage facility in Welshpool is conveniently located near Perth Airport, making it easy for travelers to store their caravans securely.

Key features of our facility include:

  • Easy Access: Just a short drive from Perth Airport for hassle-free-drop-off and pick-up.
  • Security: Round-the-clock surveillance, gated access, and individual alarms for each storage space.
  • Flexibility: Short-term and long-term storage options with flexible plans and no binding contracts.
  • Customer Service: Professional and friendly staff ready to assist with any inquiries.

Choose our Welshpool location for a convenient and secure solution to your caravan storage needs.


Our different vehicle storage services

KeepSafe helps make it simple.

KeepSafe Storage Parking Space Aerial View
Safeguard your car within our secure and fortified storage environment.
White Caravan
We provide ideal storage solutions tailored for parking your vehicles.
boat storage
Ensure your boat is stored in a secure and dry location when not navigating the waters.

Caravan Storage in Western Australia

Western Australia offers stunning landscapes and vast open spaces, making it a top choice for caravan enthusiasts. Our storage facility provides secure and convenient options for caravan owners across the region. Locatied in Perth, we offer easy access and peace of mind, ensuring your caravan is ready for your next adventure, whether you’re exploring the coastline or the outback. Choose us for reliable and accessible caravan storage in Western Australia.

Caravan Storage FAQs

Your caravan is extremely secure in storage. KeepSafe offers security features including CCTV surveillance, gated access and individual alarms for each storage space or unit. Therefore your caravan is only accessible to you and protected from any …

The occurrence of something happening to your caravan while in storage is minimal. KeepSafe Storage ensures the safety of your caravan with robust security measures, including individually alarmed units, to provide unparalleled protection while it is in storage. For extra protection, it is recommended to purchase insurance for your caravan prior to storing it to cover potential damages in the unlikely occurrence something should happen to your boat.

Caravan Storage in Perth varies in pricing depending upon what you are in need of. Factors which influence the cost include: caravan size, security features, indoor or outdoor storage. On average caravan storage can cost between $900 – $2500. KeepSafe Storage offers caravan storage for around $125 per month.

KeepSafe Storage offers flexible storage for your caravan. You may store your Caravan/RV as long as you wish. You are billed each month in advance for as long as you use the unit. There is a 7 day notice requirement for when you are no longer needing storage.

People store their caravans in a variety of locations, depending on their needs, budget, and preferences. Common storage options include:

  • General Self-Storage Facilities: Some self-storage locations offer spaces large enough for caravans, providing a secure and sometimes more affordable option.
  • Home Storage: If space allows, some prefer to keep their caravan at home, either in a driveway, garage, or yard.
  • Caravan Storage Facilities: These facilities offer various storage options, including outdoor, covered, and indoor spaces, with varying levels of security and services.
The price of caravan storage depends on location and storage type, which should be around $22 to $60 a week. These prices exclude fifth wheeler caravans and large motorhomes.


Easy and Accessible Storage in Perth

Ensure the safety and security of your caravan or RV with our specialised trailer storage facilities, conveniently located at 6 convenient locations across Perth. Enjoy round-the-clock access to your vehicle, parked in our secure bays equipped with top-of-the-line security systems and exceptional customer service. Our facilities provide a complimentary move-in trailer service and a variety of trolleys to assist with positioning your caravan or RV. Choose between short or long-term storage options without the obligation of a contract, ensuring a seamless and stress-free storage solution for your vehicle.

In addition we have a full range of boxes and packaging material to assist with preparing for your move, either in-store or with our online box shop.

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