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Our storage facilities are like your very own additional spare room or garage that’s nearby.

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We offer an outdoor storage space that’s perfect for parking your truck until your next adventure.
boat storage
Store your boat securely while it’s not in use until your next adventure.
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Protect your vehicle in a safe and highly secure storage facility.


Prepare Your Vehicle for Storage

Measure your vehicle before selecting a storage space, our friendly staff can assist with determining the correct space for your vehicle, providing the most cost effective option. Note that the vehicle you wish to store must meet the following requirements:

  • Vehicle must be in running condition or on a trailer
  • You must show registration and/or title
  • If you do not own the vehicle you must provide written authorisation from the owner to store and provide owner identity document
  • You must provide your own identity document
  • You will need to apply for your own insurance

Once your documentation has been checked and your agreement is signed, you can drive your vehicle straight into its parking space and gain access to it whenever you need to, with our 24/7 access.

Vehicle Storage FAQs

No, however our building has been constructed to the highest standards, which includes insulation, concrete panelled outer walls and specially architected ventilation – all of which provide a cool internal environment as opposed to temperature controlled.

There are a variety of ways to minimise costs of vehicle storage. Some of these options include: 

  • Storing your car in an affordable self storage facility has many benefits including safety measures, climate control and weather protection.   
  • Outdoor Parking at Storage Facilities typically offers the cheapest paid options compared to indoor or covered storage.
  • There are websites and apps that connect people with space to those needing storage and can offer competitive prices, often lower than traditional storage facilities.
  • Utilising your driveway or backyard is the most cost-effective method.

In Perth vehicle storage cost depends upon factors such as what vehicle, storage size needed and storage features you desire, will all influence the cost. However on average in Perth vehicle storage can range between $80-$250 per month. KeepSafe Storage offers storage between $85 – $125 per month.

The amount of storage you need for your car will depend upon the size of your car. KeepSafe offer storage unit options ranges from 18sm2 to 33sm2. A smaller/compact car is able to fit in 18sm2 however larger cars would comfortably fit in the storage size 33sm2.


Easy and Accessible Storage

Our storage facilities are like your very own additional spare room or garage that’s nearby. With 6 conveniently located facilities around Perth, you can pop in and out as often as you like during our 24/7 access hours.

Our facilities are modern, purpose built and are totally secure, with unrivalled security systems and exceptional customer service. Each facility offers a FREE move-in truck or trailer and a variety of trolleys to assist with the move. Our flexible solutions allow you to stay from as little as one month to as long as you need with no lock in contracts.

In addition we have a full range of boxes and packaging material to assist with preparing for your move, either in-store or with our online box shop.

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