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Unpack Your New Home

Published On: 12 February, 2018|2.4 min read|

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When you’ve purchased a new home, moving in is the start of a new adventure. You’ll likely want to get everything unpacked as quickly as possible so you can begin enjoying your life as you’ve envisioned it in your new residence. Self Storage in Belmont from KeepSafe Storage Welshpool can help you unpack in an organised manner. This can make the unpacking process go much faster so you don’t spend months living out of boxes.

Label your boxes and keep an inventory

When the day of your move is drawing near, make sure you have a complete inventory of all your belongings. All your boxes should be clearly labeled according to their contents and the rooms in which they’ll go. Having an inventory and clearly labeled boxes can make unpacking much easier on the other end.

Use Self Storage in Belmont wisely

Moving all your boxes into your home at once can be overwhelming. Instead, begin by moving your furniture into your home and arranging it as you desire. Move your boxes into Self Storage in Belmont, and place boxes for the same rooms together. This will help you be able to unpack room by room.

If you’re planning to unpack the kitchen first, take all those boxes to your new home. This way, you’ll completely unpack each room in one go, preventing boxes from piling up in the hallways or being half unpacked. Unpacking your kitchen first is a good idea, because a lot of the storage spaces are already available. You’ll also need to eat at some point during the moving process!

Unpack your bedrooms second

After you’ve unpacked your kitchen, retrieve the boxes for your bedrooms from storage in Belmont. Packing bedroom linens in see-through bags can make this step much faster. You can put all of the members of your family to work unpacking their own bedrooms, making their beds and arranging their own items. Tackling the bedrooms second will ensure everyone has a nice place to sleep, even if the rest of the house isn’t fully unpacked.

Unpack your bathrooms

Unpacking your bathrooms should also be completed on the day of your arrival. Start with your essential items, including your medication, towels, washcloths, and hygiene items. Place your bathroom rugs on the floors and hang your shower curtains.

Follow a schedule

With Self Storage in Belmont, you can unpack your non-essential items at your leisure. You should follow a schedule for unpacking, retrieving boxes, and unpacking them according to the timeline you’ve planned. Spaces such as your garage can be unpacked last.

Moving into your new home is both very exciting and a lot of work. With planning and organisation, unpacking can be much faster. Using your Self Storage unit wisely may help you to quickly turn your new residence into the home you’ve always dreamed of. Contact the storage professionals at KeepSafe Storage Welshpool today to learn more about your storage options.

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