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Top Storage Solutions for Musicians

Published On: 23 April, 2024|5.2 min read|

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If you’re an avid musician then there’s a good chance that you’ve got a collection of instruments, records, and other musical items that take up a lot of storage space. But even as a dedicated musician with a passion for music, you might not use all of those items on a regular basis.

Perhaps you have some instruments which are more akin to collector’s pieces than instruments that you play regularly. Similarly, maybe you have a lot of music memorabilia or old records that you’ve already converted to a digital format for convenient listening.

Whatever the case is, it’s common for musicians to build up a collection of items that start to clutter their homes. So whether you’re looking to store old violins and guitars or synthesizers and records, here are some of the top storage solutions for musicians.


Instrument Cases and Stands

Instrument cases are typically used to make transporting instruments a bit easier. For example, you might have a guitar carrying case or even a case for a keyboard. These can be carried on your back or even stacked on top of each other if they’ve got a lot of padding.

Instrument cases are a great way to store your instruments because they protect them from physical damage. They also prevent dust and grime from getting on the instruments, and you can also store them more easily when they have a protective layer around them.

On the other hand, stands are a great way to store your instruments in a more decorative way. If you have a great guitar that you want to show off or have a keyboard that you play quite often, then having a stand is a great way to display your instruments while also making them easy to pick up and play when you want.

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Storage Trunks and Road Cases

Storage trunks and road cases are typically used for transportation purposes. These large cases offer a lot of protection for your musical instruments and gear, and they’re easy to stack on top of each other when closed.

This makes them an excellent storage solution for musicians. You can buy them to store media such as vinyl and cassette tapes, or you can stack synthesizers and other digital music modules inside of them. You can also use them to store and protect your instruments while also making it easy to transport them.

So while they’re primarily aimed at people who go to gigs and tour with their instruments, they’re still great storage solutions that anyone can use to keep their musical items safe. If you ever decide to travel with your instruments, then your storage trunks and road cases will be a great help!


Self-Storage Solutions

If you’re a really big collector of musical instruments and goods, then don’t forget about self-storage solutions like Keep Safe Storage as well. These are great options if you have lots of instruments and other large items that you want to keep, but they’re taking up a bit too much space in the home. Self-storage solutions are also a great way to temporarily store your musical items if you’re planning to move, or if you just need a bit of extra space for a big spring clean.


What Do Musicians Store in Self-Storage?

Musicians can store basically anything in self-storage units and it really depends on your personal needs and circumstances.

Instruments are arguably the most common thing that musicians store because they can be rather big and hard to store and keep safe in a regular home. This is because their shapes tend to be irregular, and it’s easy to damage them if you’re not careful. This can be a problem in busy households with lots of children and pets. As such, keeping them out of harm’s way in a self-storage unit is a great choice.

Physical media such as records and cassette tapes are also commonly stored in self-storage units. This is because they’re not frequently used for playing purposes, especially if you’ve already converted them to a digital format, or if they’re available to listen on other platforms. People often keep physical media such as vinyl, CDs, and cassette tapes because they’re collector’s items. As such, keeping them safe in self-storage is a great way to preserve them.

Studio and touring gear can also be stored in self-storage units. If you’re not currently using large pieces of equipment such as bulky speakers, soundproofing materials, or props and decorations, then it’s a good idea to store them in a self-storage unit for the time being. You can easily take these out when you need them again.

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Why Use Self-Storage as a Musician?

Self-storage solutions are great for a number of reasons, especially when it comes to storing items that are quite sensitive to things like temperature or the sun’s UV rays.

Firstly, self-storage solutions offer climate-managed environments. This is information for preserving more delicate instruments like drums and violins. If these are stored in humid areas, or areas with extreme temperature swings, then it can damage them. Self-storage solutions with climate control are a great solution for this.

Secondly, self-storage solutions have plenty of space, and you can customize just how much space there is as well. You can rent out different sized rooms to meet your needs, and you can always upgrade to more space if needed.

Lastly, self-storage solutions are great for organizing your musical instruments and goods while also protecting them from damage. The last thing you want is for precious instruments and rare records to be damaged in a busy household. Keeping them in a self-storage unit is a great way to protect them and ensure that no damage comes to them in any shape or form.

So if you’re looking for a great way to store musical instruments and memorabilia in a safe and controlled environment, self-storage units are a great option!

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