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Update your Bedroom

Published On: 10 May, 2018|3.8 min read|

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Remember back when you first decorated your bedroom? Chances are that you looked forward to retiring for the night just so you could relax and unwind in your peaceful bedroom sanctuary. Over time, its layout and design may have started losing their allure. In fact, you may find yourself begrudgingly heading to bed when it’s time, and you may wonder why you ever loved it so much in the first place. If this sounds familiar, you should think about updating your bedroom to turn it back into that beloved, peaceful space again. Read on to learn quick, easy ways to do so, including putting any extra clutter into storage in O’Connor.

Clear out and make space with Self Storage in O’Connor

First and foremost, if you are serious about transforming your bedroom, you need to make some room. Rent Self Storage in O’Connor, and temporarily store items from your bedroom until the work is complete. By starting with a blank canvas, with furniture and clutter cleared away, you will have an easier time envisioning a new layout and design for the space. When you remove every last item from the room, you can rest assured that it will be completely transformed when the work is finished.

Invest in new lighting

If you currently rely on simple overhead lighting in your bedroom, it’s time for a change. Investing in new lighting for the room is one of the best ways to transform its overall style and ambiance. One idea is to select a decorative item to serve as a focal point and to strategically arrange lights to make it pop. For example, the right lighting can make a beautiful painting even more dramatic. Mood lighting can also make a huge difference, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and levels of brightness and intensity too. Lighting trends regularly change, so if you have any old lamps in your room, pop them into Self Storage in O’Connor – you never know when you might want it again!

Check out some of our favourite bedroom lighting trends for 2018:

Unique Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom Ideas

Source: OK Decors

statement lighting in the bedroom

Source: Domino

5 Tips for Creating A Master Bedroom He Will Love - Master bedroom design, canopy beds, fur throw, gallery walls, pendant light fixture in master bedroom, master bedroom lighting, master bedroom light,

Source: CC and Mike

Blush, White and Grey: Bedroom Inspiration

Source: The Room Alive

Paint and add detail

A fresh coat of paint is sometimes all that it takes to make a worn-out old room like new again. By storing everything in Self Storage in O’Connor in the meantime, you will be able to take your time and to put more thought into how you paint the room. You might consider trying alternating colors on opposing walls, for example. Adding small architectural details can make a massive difference as well, and elements like wainscoting and moulding are cheap, easy upgrades that add a lot of visual interest. When combined with upgraded lighting, fresh paint and details really bring out the potential of any room.

There are a few trends that have emerged this year in the interior decorating world, notably the use of statement wall paper and blue and green jewel toned paint, we have included some ideas for you to copy these trends:

Bedroom Painting Ideas That Can Transform Your Room

Source: OweCraft

Jewel Tones - 10 Trends We're Already Loving In 2017 - Photos

Source: Lonny

Create a calming bedroom with teal and lavender colors.

Source: Brit and Co

If you're feeling like your bedroom is a white box where you store your bed, these low-cost, high-style DIYs are here to rescue your room from design deprivation. From a bold accent wall, to wallpapered closet doors, here are nine of the best things you can do to your bedroom for just a Benjamin.

Source: Apartment Therapy

One of our most popular forest murals. Sea of Trees Forest Mural is super…

Source: Murals Wallpaper

On Trend Wall Paper via momsbestnetwork.com

Source: Destination Nursery

{large scale floral wallcoverings}

Source: Marcus Design Inc

Keep Unused items in Self Storage O’Connor

Before bringing everything back from Self Storage in O’Connor, take some time to play around with the layout of your bedroom. If possible, upgrade to at least one new piece of furniture to spice things up; you can always store old, unneeded items in Self Storage for the time being. Even if you have a limited budget, some new bedding or a new throw rug can work wonders on even the simplest room. Before you know it, you will have transformed your old, boring bedroom into something truly special again–and you will once more look forward to turning in for the night.

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