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Published On: 7 August, 2015|3.3 min read|

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Paper-based materials can break down easily. Some disintegrate as a result of their characteristic properties, others as an aftereffect of poor stockpiling or storage conditions. Damage can be brought on by poor storage practices. The material on paper-based articles, for example, ink, watercolour or pencil can likewise debase. While we can’t stop crumbling, we can impact the rate at which it happens.

Archive Storage Decay

Substance decay:

Blurring and discolouration of papers and the media on the paper brought on by introduction to light or bright (UV) radiation. Crumbling will happen all the more immediately when presented to higher light power. Crumbling brought about by mould assault that can create in sticky conditions; mould can devour and stain the materials on which it develops. Decay can be caused due to the printing medium utilised. Iron gall ink is acidic by nature and after some time, can blaze through the paper on which it is composed.

Physical decay:

Keeping your records or paper items out of harm’s way can be quite the task. Accidents happen causing scratches, marks and tears that can be the start of even faster decay of your items.

Right treatment of your paper related items will help their long haul conservation. The accompanying methodology ought to be taken:

  • Continuously manoeuvre carefully.
  • Never permit food or beverages near your important items.
  • Have clean hands. On the off chance that an item is especially delicate tight surgical gloves may be more fitting.
  • Utilise an inflexible backing, for example, bit of cardboard when displaying paper based material. This is vital where papers are larger than usual.
  • A level bed trolley is valuable for moving larger than average material.
  • Works of art and records can use special protective plastics.
  • At the point when working with fine arts, utilisation pencil not ink. Pencil imprints are promptly uprooted, while inks can be troublesome or difficult to remove.

Archive Storage and Cleaning

Cleaning Records and Archival Documents

When utilising archive storage it’s important that records are kept clean with a vacuum record cleaning machine. There are quite a few of these available, but pricing can become quite steep depending on the features you’d like to have with it ranging from $500 – $5000. A Vacuum record cleaning machine apply fluid to the machine and a turntable shifts around on a motor essentially cleaning the vinyl grooves.

For old documents, surface cleaning can help with removing dirt and discolouration from old papers. It can also help remove substances that will eventually damage the paper while they’re being handled or transferred. One easy method is to apply adhesive sticky tape in short bursts and strips to the document, continually picking up any oil or loose pieces of debri on the paper and/or documents. This can end up being fairly time consuming  but it’s the one of the most safe methods and causing less damage to paper than more forceful applications might.,

How to store your records

To store your records is basically common sense. When you get it from the store have the shrink wrap removed. When placing them into storage place them vertically, this helps prevent warping. For the sleeving, use polyethylene or polypropylene sleeves when replacing the record covering, this has to be happen regularly to prevent oil or paper residue getting stuck on the record itself. Depending on the climate conditions it can be hard, but try to avoid temperatures that exceed more than 50% humidity, this can also damage the vinyl records.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of items that can be put away into storage is important like your records or important documents. However, storing them correctly and with the the right care can help the last a lifetime. Give our friendly team at KeepSafe Storage a call today and we’ll try and help you with your archive storage today, we have quite a few options that can make your storing of your records or paper documents all the easier.

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