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9 Reasons Why Self Storage Is So Popular

Published On: 28 August, 2023|5 min read|

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Self storage has become a booming industry in recent years. People across the country regularly access self storage units to store their most precious or valuable items. Here are some of the key reasons why this solution is so popular and the benefits it provides. 


An Essential Service 

First self storage has become an essential service for many people across the country today. The divorce rate is climbing and that means lots of individuals find themselves needing to leave their home and downsize. Self storage allows you to do this quickly without causing any additional headaches. Storage units are essential for businesses too and were even able to stay open during the pandemic, providing a vital solution for corporations and food companies alike. 


Cost Friendly 

Self storage solutions are incredibly cost friendly. You will find that the right self storage service will fit virtually any budget you are working with. This is useful if you are downsizing due to significant economic adjustments or if your company is in a period of recovery. It helps lighten the load and ensures that you can easily declutter whenever it is necessary to do so. You will also find that these services are available with a wide range of payment options. Customers love this level of flexibility.


As mentioned, these services can be used for businesses and private individuals alike. Small business owners can use self storage units to store files, office furniture and pieces of hardware. Private individuals can use these units to store anything that doesn’t fit inside their home and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The uses for a self storage unit are virtually endless. If it doesn’t fit in your home or office, or you need to temporarily relocate certain items, you can store them here without any issues. It’s fair to say that anyone with a few extra items clogging up their property could potentially benefit from the right self storage solution. 


Available In Different Sizes

Self storage units aren’t just available at different price points. They’re also available in a variety of shapes and sizes too. For instance, you can get a self storage unti that is just big enough to store paper files. Or, you can opt for a unit large enough to store all the items of furniture that would be found in a three bedroom house. These units are designed so it’s easy to fit larger pieces of furniture inside without needing to worry about disassembling them. It’s just one more way that these units make life far easier. 


Stress Relieving 

There are certain times in life that are incredibly stressful. Moving home is regularly noted as one of the most stressful experiences that you can face in adult life and it’s not difficult to understand why. There’s so much to do, so many things to consider and a whole list of tasks that you can’t forget about. With self storage, you can make moving far more manageable. You can store some items before you move which will allow you to declutter your home. This can even make your home look more valuable and ensure it sells for a higher price! It also means that you don’t have to worry about paying for multiple moving vans. Instead you can move essential items to your new home first and store the rest until you are ready. 

Peace Of Mind 

Whenever you store items, there’s always the fear that they could get lost or even stolen. This is certainly true if you keep items in your loft or attic. It feels far better to know they are away from your home in a secure, safe space. Self storage units are monitored 24/7 and use advanced security systems to prevent any break ins or other form of criminal activity. As such, you can sleep easy knowing that your precious items are safe and sound. 


Easy To Use 

It couldn’t be easier to access and use your self storage unit. Many self storage solutions are open 24/7 and you won’t have to wait for staff to help you. Instead, the process is completely automated which means that you can access your unti day or night, whenever you need. You can also choose units with the right level of accessibility which is great if you are planning on storing heavier items. 

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Use It For As Long As You Like 

You can use a self storage unit for as little or as long as you like. This is another reason why it’s just a versatile solution. Self storage services are flexible for your needs. For instance, you could be planning on touring the world. If that’s the case, then you don’t want to leave your items in your home. Instead, you can store them for a month, a year, or on a rolling contract. Alternatively, you may just need to declutter your home for a weekend while guests visit. This too is a real possibility when you find the right self storage service. 

An Alternative To Selling 

In the past, if you had unwanted items your only option was to sell them as quickly as possible, often for less than they were worth. With self storage, you can hold onto them for as long as you need and sell them when the price is right. Or, keep the items that may not fit into your home but stll have a certain level of sentimental value. The choice is entirely up to you. 


As you can see, self storage solutions provide a wide array of benefits to business owners and private customers. At Keep Safe Storage, we take pride in providing the best self storage service at a fantastic value. Get in touch today and discover how we can help you. 


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