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Self Storage Security: Features to Look for in a Safe and Reliable Facility

Published On: 24 April, 2023|4.9 min read|

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If you’re like most people, the chances are you have accumulated quite a few extra belongings over the years. Maybe they are sentimental items that you just can’t bear to part with, or maybe it is business inventory that you don’t have room for at your office. Whatever the case may be, self-storage facilities offer a convenient solution for storing your extra belongings. But, with convenience comes concern, and security should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to storing your precious possessions. 

That is where KeepSafe Storage Perth comes in. We are committed to providing safe and secure storage solutions for individuals and businesses alike. But when it comes to the world of self storage, what exactly does ‘safe and secure’ mean? Here are some of the essential security features to look for in a self-storage facility

Security features to look for in a self-storage facility

Video surveillance

When it comes to storing your valuable items, security should always be a top priority. And when it comes to security, there is no better tool in a self-storage facility’s arsenal than a reliable video surveillance system. 

Think of it like a silent superhero, always keeping watch over your belongings, deterring criminal activity, and providing crucial evidence in the (very, very unlikely) event of a break-in. A good video surveillance system consists of high-quality cameras that are strategically placed throughout the facility to capture every movement and activity, day and night. And at KeepSafe Storage Perth, we have invested in top-notch video surveillance systems that monitor our facilities 24/7.

Not only does video surveillance provide valuable evidence in case of break-ins, but it can also prevent theft and vandalism from occurring in the first place. Potential criminals are much more likely to avoid facilities with video cameras installed, knowing that they are being watched and that any illegal activity will be captured on camera.

Security gates

You have finally found the perfect self-storage facility to store your extra belongings, valuable items, or business inventory. But, as you drive up to the property, you notice there are no security gates in place. How secure can your belongings really be?

Security gates are a vital security feature that should not be overlooked when choosing a self-storage facility. These gates provide an additional layer of protection by restricting access to the property, preventing unauthorised entry, and keeping your stored items safe.

At KeepSafe Storage Perth, we take security seriously. That is why we have installed top-of-the-line security gates at all of our facilities. 


Imagine you have stored your prized possessions in a self-storage facility, but one day you receive a call that your unit has been broken into. The thought alone is shocking. However, with the right security measures in place, this scenario can be avoided. This is where alarms come in.

Alarms are one of the most critical security features that a reliable self-storage facility should have. They are designed to detect any suspicious activity and alert the security personnel and police to respond immediately. This ensures that any unauthorized access is detected and addressed as soon as possible. 

At KeepSafe Storage Perth, we understand how important alarms are to the safety and security of our clients belongings. That is why we have invested in state-of-the-art alarm systems that are triggered in the event of a break-in. Our alarms are connected to our security monitoring system, which is monitored around the clock by trained personnel who can respond quickly to any alarm activation. 


Have you ever been in a dark alley or parking lot at night, and your heart starts racing because you feel unsafe? The same feeling can be experienced when you walk into a dimly lit self-storage facility. That’s why adequate lighting is crucial for a secure and reliable self-storage facility.

Proper lighting can deter criminal activity by illuminating the facility and making it difficult for potential criminals to hide or go unnoticed. It also provides visibility for security personnel, making it easier to monitor the premises and detect any suspicious activity.

At KeepSafe Storage Perth, we understand the importance of lighting in ensuring the safety and security of our client’s belongings. That’s why we have invested in bright and strategically placed lighting throughout our facilities. Our lighting is designed to provide maximum visibility, even in the darkest corners of our units, ensuring that our clients feel safe and secure at all times.

At KeepSafe Storage Perth, we go above and beyond to ensure the safety and security of our clients’ belongings. We understand that your items are not just “stuff,” but they hold sentimental value, memories, and even financial worth. That’s why we take security very seriously and offer additional security measures to give our clients peace of mind.

Our on-site security personnel are not just there for show – they are highly trained professionals who monitor our facilities 24/7. They work in tandem with our advanced video surveillance systems to ensure that any potential security breaches are dealt with immediately.

We also understand that external factors such as weather, fire, and pests can cause damage to your belongings. That’s why our facilities are constructed using high-quality, weather-resistant, fire-resistant, and pest-resistant materials. This minimises the risk of damage to your items and ensures they remain safe and secure in our facilities.

At KeepSafe Storage Perth, we know that one size does not fit all regarding security solutions. That’s why we work with our clients to understand their unique needs and provide customized security solutions that meet those needs. Whether you need to store important documents, valuable items, or business inventory, we have the expertise and security features to keep your items safe and secure.

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