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Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Home Office

Published On: 24 October, 2022|5.1 min read|

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Everybody has got used to working from home to some extent since the pandemic, but the fact is that many people set up temporary home offices without the aim to make them permanent. If you really want to set up a perfect home office, you need to get into the right frame of mind for working at home. Let’s show you some ways to set up the perfect home environment that suits your needs. 

Picking the Right Location

For many people, the location is predetermined. Many will have a spare room that is perfectly suited to a home office, but others may choose to do some rearranging. Setting up a home office is about ensuring you are going for a space that is big enough but is also going to aid your productivity. 

You will need a big enough space to fit a desk or a bookshelf, and maybe a filing cabinet, but you will also need to decide if your predetermined room is the best one. Every room in the home could benefit from reorganising, and if you are looking to set up a home office, this is the perfect opportunity to determine if each room serves its purpose. For example, you may wish to swap your home office and bedroom around. 

When you are moving into a new home this is the perfect opportunity for you to decide what room should be the office, but may mean putting items into storage in the meantime. Companies like KeepSafe Storage Perth can help so you can truly determine the right location. 

Making It Comfortable (but Not Too Comfortable)

Setting up a home office means ensuring it treads the fine balance between comfortable and productive. The perfect home office is supposed to make you want to work and be more productive, but the biggest problem many people had when they set up their temporary home office during the pandemic was using a space that was not conducive to productivity. 

Many people ended up moving into their dining rooms or a small pokey room because it was the only space that could house a computer and a desk. Choosing an environment that makes you want to work is crucial, so think about some of the following: 

  • Making sure it’s not over-decorated. For example, keeping the space bare with a desk, lamp, computer, and walls with the right colour. Colours that can help you focus, such as blue, orange, green, and yellow can make a big difference. 
  • The right furniture. The furniture is going to help you be at your most productive. The biggest issue many people have is choosing cheap furniture that ends up hurting their posture. Rather than opting for a dining chair, now is the perfect opportunity to invest in ergonomic furniture. You also need to think about the right type of desk that suits your body composition, which is why many people opt for standing desks. 
  • The ambience. You need to ensure that you can focus on the task at hand. Depending on the time of day you work, you don’t want to be squinting at your computer screen. You need to ensure there is enough light in the office, natural and artificial. If you have a room with large windows this can make a massive difference, and a room with a skylight can bring in more natural light, so you can feel the benefits throughout the day. 

Focusing on Your Needs

The ideal workspace is not the same for everybody. Before you start designing your ideal space, you’ve got to think about what you expect to gain from it. Many people ended up moving into a room in their home during the pandemic, but now you may want to think about setting up a home office in the garden. There are many outdoor office pods that can give you that peace and quiet to do your work. 

For many people that want to be more productive while working from home, they need a space far away from everyone else. You need to know exactly what you demand from your workspace before you design to make everything format easier, which means taking into account what type of work you do. For example, if you are fielding calls all day, you may need a more private space. 

Removing Distractions

As great as it is to work from home, one of the biggest problems is having a lot of distractions. While there are plenty of distractions in the workplace, they aren’t the same as a postman knocking on the door or canvassers trying to get you to sign up for something, and let’s not forget the television and the refrigerator that can waste many hours of your time! 

Removing distractions can go a long way to help you focus on the work at hand. If you find yourself struggling, you may be better off choosing a room that’s far away from the rest of the home or the attic, so you have to make the effort to procrastinate by watching TV or getting a snack from the fridge. 

Opting for Smart Storage Solutions

The reality is home offices are not that spacious. You need the right storage solution so you can keep everything you need for your workplace nearby. Storage solutions such as KeepSafe Storage Perth can help you put part of your home into storage while setting up that perfect working office. 

The perfect home office is different for every single one of us. With all the challenges that come with working from home, you need an office that makes you focus, stays productive, and also keeps you comfortable in the right ways. You need to get yourself into the working mindset, which can be very difficult when you are working from home and this is why removing clutter can really help. A clutter-free home helps you to get into the working mindset, but also ensures that when you are done with your working day, you can shut the home office door behind you! Getting an environment that straddles the balance certainly makes a big difference.

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