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Best Antique Stores Around Melville

Published On: 21 May, 2018|2.5 min read|

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If you live in Melville and enjoy collecting antiques, there are several great antique stores in the Perth area. The stores receive new items each week, which means that every day can be an adventure for antique lovers.

Visit Treasure Chest Salvage Australia for antique furniture 🕰

This store is known for its wide array of chairs, sofas, tables and other decorative furniture pieces. If you want to sell an antique and buy something else, the store also buys antiques directly from people. The showroom is in O’Connor, however, the business serves most of the Perth metro area. This store is known for its bargain prices. It also features a wide array of coins, toys, memorabilia and collectibles.

Visit Wisteria Lane Vintage Antique Shop for whimsical elegance 🕰

If you aren’t looking for anything specific, this store is a great place to start. Locals who like to find unique things call this store a true gem. From furniture and clothing to dishes and decorations, you never know what kind of rare treasures you’ll find at Wisteria Lane. It’s definitely the right place to go if you like floral themes, a Victorian look or decorations with intricate details. The store is located just a short drive away from Melville, just off McCoy Street in Myaree.

Visit South Perth Antiques and Collectables for a mix of everything 🕰

This store is an enjoyable place to visit if you just like to browse. It offers everything from furniture to trinkets. If you like antiques from specific periods in history or from several different decades, this store has a diverse inventory from each one. The store is known in the area for its collections of antique jewellery. It’s also the place to go for oak furniture from the past two centuries. Check the store’s site for promotional coupons, which it frequently offers to new or existing customers. This centre is considered one of the best antique centres in Perth and is only a short distance from Melville.

Build your antique collection with Self Storage in Melville 🕰

Self Storage in Melville is ideal for people who enjoy collecting antiques. If you like to rotate decorations in your home but don’t want to sell your antique treasures, you can put some of the items in storage until you’re ready to change your decorations. Self Storage in Melville is also useful if you just want to collect antiques and store them while they increase in value. Also, a storage unit is a good solution if you want to collect antiques to start your own business. Some people shop for antiques in the area and sell them online. If this idea appeals to you, a storage unit is a smart investment to keep your inventory safe. There are also units with temperature control to keep your items from getting damaged by heat or humidity, and you can choose from a variety of floor sizes. Additionally, the storage unit facility has a secure entrance and monitors the property continuously.

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