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Using Self Storage To Prepare For A Gap Year

Published On: 18 July, 2019|2.7 min read|

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A gap year is a great chance to take a break from many years of schooling. Those about to enter adulthood can make good use of this time to explore new places, take on new roles and discover who they are and what is most important to them before completing their education. Those who are planning a gap year need to have everything in order before they make any plans. Part of having it all in order is making sure that a person’s items are on hand or in a Perth Storage Unit before they leave. Making use of self storage is one way to make the most of this golden time.

Moving On

Over time, many teens have a great many items on hand. They need to think about which items they want to keep and which ones are better put up for sale or given away to a neighbour or younger sibling. Looking through the items that any teen has been accumulating for nearly two decades can also help them realise what is most important to them before they leave. Reducing the number to a few essentials and putting the rest in a Perth Storage Unit can help them sort out their personal priorities.

Getting Everything in Order

Before leaving anywhere, it is imperative to get things in order. Many teens have their own bedroom. They want to leave it behind looking tidy and neat. At the same time, there are certain items they wish to keep with them. Earning money and using some funds of their own to store their personal items is a sign of maturity. A teen can demonstrate to their parents that they are ready for more responsibility before they do anything else in the coming year.

Clean Bedroom

Traveling Abroad

As part of their gap year, a teen might choose to travel abroad. Seeing the world in person is a great way to gain a much needed global perspective. The traveler should ideally put all of their most important items in a Perth Storage Unit. This allows them control over what they keep and avoids the prospect of having something accidentally thrown out when they aren’t home. Many teens plan to be abroad for weeks or even months before they come back and head off university. Making use of this kind of storage offers them the peace of mind they need to roam the world.

Traveling Abroad

Preparing for University Life

Preparing for uni life means living an entirely different life. Students need to be prepared to deal with very small dorm rooms. As part of this process, they can remove all the items they don’t need right now and bring them to a Perth Storage Unit. This allows them to make the most of their new living space. No need to worry about where to keep the bike or a surfboard so a roommate doesn’t trip over it when they’re not home. It’s all there for them exactly when they want to make use of it.


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