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How to store major electronic items

Published On: 20 April, 2015|4 min read|

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With the boom in large screen TVs and major appliances, consideration must be given to how these items should be transported and stored in our Self Storage spaces in O’Connor at KeepSafe Storage.

Take care with big screens

Big screen LCD and plasma TVs are fragile. Even though they are much lighter than old tube TVs, modern day LCD and plasma TVs are essentially made of plastic. From 42 inches up, great care must be taken with these types of TVs when you are moving them. Always use two people – it is too easy for you to trip up holding a large screen TV and if you fall over with the TV you will most certainly destroy and probably hurt yourself as well.

Many people throw away the TV box that the TV came in so that means that you’re going to need to protect the screen when you move it into your O’Connor Self Storage space.

You can use blankets or removalist pads to wrap around the TV completely. Do not store any plasma or LCD TV on its face or on its back. Plasma screens particularly are not designed to be stored horizontally. Storing TVs vertically as they are displayed takes up less space but also reduces the opportunity for the units to be damaged. Make sure that the blankets or removalist pads are taped securely so that they cannot fall off when you lift the screen into the truck to move in.

Once you LCD or plasma have been moved into the truck or Ute or trailer, make sure that they are very secure and cannot move. Large bumps and a rough ride can damage TVs. Importantly if it is raining make sure that the television is kept out of the weather, do not transported in an open trailer if it is raining at all as all plasma TVs and LCDs have vent’s along the top and water can easily get in damaging the TV forever.

Hi-fi components need to be labelled

Remember the hours that you spent cabling up your fabulous new hi-fi? In most cases you will probably take some of the speaker cables with you and reuse in your new home near O’Connor.

Use a label maker to label the cables when you roll up and put them into a cardboard box prior to transport – this will make it easier when you get time to unpack your hi-fi system knowing where the cables go. If you don’t have original boxes for your hi-fi gear, it’s very important that speakers are protected, to avoid damage to the cones. Once the cone of the speaker is damaged it will never sound the same again. Pack speakers in boxes and make sure that the speaker grills are fitted, bubble wrap the speakers as well and make sure that they cannot move around inside the boxes.

Individual electronic components can be stored in boxes, so make sure that they are secure and cannot wrap around. Make sure that you collect all of your remotes and put those with each individual electronic component. Label the boxes as ‘fragile do not drop”. Make sure that if you have friends or removalist helping you with your move that they are aware that these items are fragile and can easily be damaged.

Computers and Laptops

When storing devices such as computers, laptops and gaming stations, take care when wrapping them up ensuring you don’t scratch the screens. carefully wrap them in news paper or tissue paper and bubble wrap and then place them into their original box or one similar size if you don’t have that one. Afterwards, fill the box with packing peanuts to act as cushioning and make sure you don’t place any heavy items onto the boxes so that the screens don’t crack under the pressure. The last thing you need to worry about after a stressful move is fixing your computers and laptops.

Un-Packing is the fun part

Once you have arrived at the new home and you have packed all the important things like food, bedding and furniture, you can set up your large screen TV and hi-fi gear.

Carefully unwrap the TV in a vertical position close to where it will eventually be situated. Unpack all your hi-fi gear and keep the area tidy so that you don’t step on any components.

It’s just a simple matter now of connecting up all of your labelled cables and enjoying your new home!

At KeepSafe Storage in O’Connor we have a great range of packaging materials that will suit you moving your expensive equipment. Please make sure you contact us and we can show you our range of merchandise that will suit your move.

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