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Top 5 Must Do Activities For The Family In Perth

Published On: 18 November, 2019|3 min read|

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Western Australia’s capital city of Perth is the fourth-populous city in the country for good reason. Besides being the central business and technology hub for WA, Perth has lots of fun things to do for families. To get the most out of these activities without cluttering a small living space, you’ll want to consider renting a storage unit with KeepSafe Storage Perth. With five facilities across Perth, you’re sure to find a Self Storage Location that fits your needs. Here are five must-do activities for families in Perth.

#1 Hand-Feed Kangaroos at Caversham Wildlife Park

It’s time to get your outdoor adventures underway as warm weather approaches. Caversham Wildlife Park is a well-beloved outdoor destination for adults and children of all ages. Caversham is located in Whiteman Park, and it goes above and beyond a trip to a traditional zoo. The admission fee to this park includes food to feed animals such as kangaroos, lambs, and penguins. Your children will also enjoy the park’s farm shows that depict authentic sheep shearing and stockmen on horseback. Change out your winter garments for warm-weather play clothes to get ready for special summer adventures like a trip to Caversham Wildlife Park. Store your off-season clothing in storage in Perth to keep your home tidy and organised.

Hand feeding kangaroo in perth

#2 Shop for Unique Gifts at the Perth City Markets

While the weekend markets in Perth are known for their abundance of fresh produce and artisan baked goods, they are also filled with one-of-a-kind housewares, furniture, books, and clothing of all types. These items make great celebratory and holiday gifts for your family and friends. When it comes to hiding these presents, KeepSafe Storage Perth has your ideal short-term storage solution. It has storage units of different sizes, and you can rent one on a monthly basis.

#3 Kayak the Swan River with a Local Kayak Club

Paddling the Swan River is a great way to get fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. It’s also a unique chance to get reacquainted with Perth’s main waterway. To increase the fun factor, join a local kayaking club such as the Ascot Kayak Club or the Sea Kayak Club WA. Members of these clubs enjoy paddling in groups at various locations in and around Perth. Once your family’s day on the water ends, store your kayaks and paddles in storage in Perth.

Swan River Kayaking Perth

#4 Explore the Galaxy with Other Stargazers in WA

Have a budding astronomer at home? Why not encourage the hobby as a family by taking your telescopes to the upcoming Astrofest that happens annually at Curtin University’s stadium near Kent Street.

For year-round fun, join the Stargazers Club WA. The group regularly visits some of the best star-watching locations in WA, and some of its leaders offer informative classes about astronomy and the use of binoculars and telescopes. Consider renting a storage unit in Perth to keep sensitive binoculars, telescopes, and video equipment safe and secure.

Stargazers Club WA

#5 Catch Refreshing Ocean Breezes Cycling at Rottnest Island

Kilometres of sun-drenched beaches await you at Rottnest Island. Hop the island’s ferry with your bike and picnic lunch for a scenic day of family fun. Return bikes to your storage unit when it’s time to go home at sundown.

Rottnest Island Cycling

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