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Why You Should Use Self Storage in O’Connor

Published On: 20 January, 2016|2.2 min read|

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There are numerous reasons to use self-storage:

Reduce clutter: Using a self storage unit is a great way to reduce clutter in your home or office. Self storage units are the perfect solution for being able to clear your home of some extraneous items without needing to be rid of them entirely. You can access your belongings at your convenience but don’t have them underfoot. Many collectors also find self storage in O’Connor a great solution to a growing collection. Other things you no longer need, but would like to hold on to (antique baby crib?) can be held in storage for the next time it’s needed!

Space: An obvious benefit of self storage in O’Connor is that it provides you extra space for your belongings, including that clutter we just mentioned! It offers the perfect solution whether the item is large or small, furniture, vehicle or other item of value or importance. Sometimes we outgrow our spaces whether they be our homes or offices. Self storage units offer you the opportunity to lease extra space at a price significantly lower than purchasing or enlarging your home. They are a practical option whether it’s for long or short term.

Security/safety: It’s likely that a self storage unit is more secure than your home. Self storage facilities are locked with perimeter fencing and gated entries with limited access. There are also surveillance cameras throughout the facility along with onsite management. Most homes don’t offer this level of security. On the safety aspect, self storage offers the opportunity to remove items – such as certain tools – that could pose a hazard or danger to your within your home. Even exercise equipment around small children could pose a threat. Rather than have to sell the equipment, you can store it for a period.

Business: Using self storage for your business has some significant advantages. You can save both office and floor space by moving some items you don’t use daily into storage. You can always access them any time at your convenience. It’s also a good option for off-site document storage. Your items are kept safe and secured.

Moving: It’s sometimes necessary during a move to temporarily store your belongings because your next destination is not available to ready. Self storage either near your current location or closer to your next one is an affordable way of holding your belongings until you are ready to use them again. Self storage facilities have varying sizes of units to help accommodates individual needs – including units able to store vehicles, caravans, boats, and furniture.

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