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Business Opportunities with Self Storage in O’Connor and Balcatta

Published On: 2 February, 2015|1.9 min read|

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Self Storage offers plenty of business opportunity for business entrepreneurs. At KeepSafe Storage we have plenty of options for Self Storage for any business.  The Internet provides a golden opportunity for small business in O’Connor and Balcatta to flourish and there has been thousands of new virtual businesses pop-up on the Internet over the years.

eBay provides the perfect platform to run a small business where your goods can be displayed in a competitive environment – customers can bid on them or purchase them and then it’s only up to you to get those goods to the customers.

Where Self Storage fits into this business plan is that you can use a Self Storage space at Keepsafe Storage as your mini warehouse to stock the items that you sell on eBay or on gumtree. Self Storage spaces at Keepsafe Storage is convenient for you. Only pay for the space you use so you don’t take on a long-term lease and pay for space that you may not use.

Self Storage spaces also make it easy for to grow your business. With flexible sizes, Self Storage is the ideal growth partner in your business. Even if you are downsizing from traditionally larger premises Self Storage is the ideal alternative to store business stock or business furniture after downsizing.

Commercial space especially in large shopping centres comes with a premium where every square metre is important. Smart retailers use all the space they can for retailing their merchandise and many use Self Storage spaces for stock storage and overflow. Store your business stock at KeepSafe Storage.

At Christmas time, additional Self Storage spaces can be used to house excess stock or Christmas stock.

Retailers can also take advantage of excess stock from wholesalers by cutting a deal with them often on extended payment terms, knowing that they can take on additional Self Storage spaces to store the additional stock.

Warehouse sales are also popular with customers, but if you don’t have a warehouse you cant have one! Self Storage provides the opportunity to store that stock.  All you need is a location to warehouse from and replenish your stock from your Self Storage mini warehouse. There are plenty of Business Opportunities with Self Storage in Mandurah, O’Connor and Balcatta. Ask us for details.

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