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How to Vacuum Pack Clothing for Storage

Published On: 16 January, 2024|5.1 min read|

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Storing your clothing allows you to keep it for longer without it taking up too much space. Clothes can be bulky, but vacuum packing them is the perfect solution if you want to save space. As an added benefit, it can also help to preserve and protect your clothes. So what steps should you take to achieve this?

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Step Instructions & Keywords
Wash Your Clothes Prepare for storage, Ensure cleanliness, Remove mustiness, Free of pet hair.
Buy (or Make) Vacuum Bags Vacuum bags necessity, DIY options, Size considerations, Vacuum seal creation.
Understand How Your Vacuum Bags Work Different instructions, Good seal requirement, Reading instructions, Preparation.
Sort Your Clothes Sorting by fabric, Purpose, Season, Storing flat, Prevent damage and colour transference.
How to Vacuum Seal Clothes Layering clothes, Sealing clip, Flat and thin packing.
How to Use Vacuum Sealer Bags for Clothes? Folding clothes, Sealing and air removal, Valve closing.
Store Your Vacuum-Packed Clothes Home storage, Avoid extreme conditions, Direct sunlight precautions, Storage services.
Book a Storage Unit KeepSafe Storage, Self-storage facilities, Convenient location, Secure space.

Wash Your Clothes

The first thing that you will probably want to do is wash your clothes. This will prepare them for storage and ensure they’re clean before you put them away for months at a time. Even if you start with clean clothes, you might want to consider washing some things again if you haven’t worn them for a while. If they seem a little musty, doing some laundry before you put your clothes into storage is definitely worth it. You might also want to ensure everything is free of pet hair or anything else that can get on your clothes.

vacuum sealed clothes that are washed

Buy (or Make) Vacuum Bags

Of course, if you want to vacuum pack your clothes, you’re going to need some vacuum bags to do it. The easiest option is to buy some vacuum bags, which will do the job for you. These can work in different ways for creating a vacuum seal. Some are designed to work with your vacuum cleaner, while others might come with a pump.

If you don’t have any vacuum bags, can’t find any, or want to save some money, there are some DIY options. However, this could be less effective, so be cautious about trying them. You can use a few different types of bags to create your own vacuum storage.

When considering which vacuum bags to get, think about the size. You might want to choose bags that are large enough to store your clothes without folding them, which could save space.

Understand How Your Vacuum Bags Work

Before you start packing everything into vacuum bags, be sure to check how they work. Different bags may have different instructions for making sure everything is sealed properly. If you want to make sure your clothes are fully protected, you need to get a good seal on the bags. They usually come with instructions, so it’s worth reading them and preparing everything you need (including your vacuum cleaner).
vacuum sealed clothes

Sort Your Clothes

You might want to sort your clothes in a way that makes sense instead of just packing them randomly. There are a few things you might think about when sorting your clothes and deciding what to put with what. Storing the same or similar fabrics together is a good idea. It can help to prevent rougher fabrics from damaging more delicate fabrics, and it could help to prevent colour transference too. There are some clothes you will want to try and store flat, especially if they are more delicate and could get creased or damaged easily.

You could also store clothes together based on their purpose or by season. Storing your warmer items together means you can easily gain access to all of your winter clothes when you need them. If you’re storing baby or children’s clothes, you could group them by age or size so that you know what’s in each bag.

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How to Vaccum Seal Clothes

When packing vacuum sealing bags, layer clothes in the bag so they’re flat and thin when bag is sealed. When ready to seal the bag, close the opening the sealing clip.

How to Use Vacuum Sealer Bags for Clothes?

To use a vacuum bag sealer for clothes, fold them, place in appropriate vacuum bags, seal, and suck out the air until compressed. Stop when bags cease shrinking and close the valve. 

Store Your Vacuum-Packed Clothes

When you have bags of vacuum-packed clothes, you can choose to store them how you like. Some people store them in their homes, and they can easily fit into various spaces. You could store them under your bed, or in a closet or wardrobe. If you have an attic or basement that’s dry or perhaps a garage, they could also be good candidates for storing your clothes. However, you will probably want to think about the climate of the space you choose. Anywhere too cold or too hot, or with too much moisture, might not be a good idea. Keeping your bags out of direct sunlight is a good idea too. The bags should provide some protection, but it’s still good to take precautions.

Alternatively, use a storage service to store your vacuum-packed clothes. This is ideal if you want to save space at home, especially if you won’t need your clothes for a while. KeepSafe Storage can take care of your clothes for you, so they’re ready whenever you need them. Our self-storage facilities mean that you have access to your stuff whenever you need it, so it’s easy to store your clothes and collect them when you want to. Our storage units are available in five major areas around Perth and WA, so you can easily find one that’s convenient for you.

Book a unit today to secure your storage space and store all of your clothes in a convenient, space-saving, and safe way.

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