It’s easy to pack everything you’re not sure where else to put into your spare bedroom. An unused spare bedroom is a magnet for all the clutter we have in our homes. If you’re trying to reclaim your spare bedroom from the clutter that’s overtaken it, Self Storage in Wangara from KeepSafe Storage Balcatta can help you! It’s time to stop dwelling on the state of your spare bedroom and get working to reclaim it.

Creating a reclamation plan for your spare bedroom

You probably already have an idea or two of the room your want your spare bedroom to be. Creating a reclamation plan can help you feel less overwhelmed and ensure you see this project through until the end. The first step is to figure out which items currently in the spare bedroom will suit its new purpose. For example, if you’re hoping to create a guest bedroom, the bed and dresser can stay, but if you’re hoping to create a home office, the bed and dresser can be moved into Self Storage in Wangara.

Moving into your Self Storage in Wangara

Once you know what to keep and what to get rid of, take everything out of the room so you’re starting with a completely fresh slate. Consider giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, or updating the flooring. Once the bare bones of the room are updated to suit your needs, move the large pieces of furniture back into the room. Go through every other item individually to determine what actually belongings in the spare room.

Repurposing your spare room

Keep the sorting process going. Evaluate everything else that came out of the spare room. Do you want to keep it? Does it belong somewhere else in your house, or should you move it into your Self Storage in Wangara? Is it broken and needs to be thrown away? Should you consider donating it to charities or friends and family?

Once you’ve reclaimed your spare bedroom, use Self Storage in Wangara from KeepSafe Storage Balcatta to keep the area free from clutter. The rest of the time, you can enjoy your new and improved space!