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Published On: 2 February, 2017|2 min read|

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KeepSafe Storage in O’Connor & KeepSafe Storage Balcatta is geared to make the Self Storage experience for customers as convenient as possible. Trolleys are available for unloading. All kinds of packaging materials and padlocks are in store. A free first load with the facility’s trailer can often be negotiated. Do inquire about it and any other requirements you may have.

Friendly and helpful staff will assist in determining the volume of your goods and advise you as to what size unit you should take. If you are going to need or replace your stored goods often, go for a larger unit to allow for space to move around.

Label all covered items before they are stored. Keep a list of all items in storage with copies at your home and office. Organise your space: Goods that will stay in storage for the longest period can go at the back. And so can heavy and big items. Plan and pack smart, creating a passage for easy access to whatever will be used frequently.

When packing, use sturdy boxes of the same dimensions for stacking. Always keep the weight of the filled box in mind for easy handling. Use bubble wrap to protect fragile articles. Stabilise contents of boxes in order to prevent goods from moving around. Fill vacuums with news paper or foam chips.

Clean all goods before storing. Any remains of food may attract insects and other unwanted critters. Cover all upholstered items, preferably with fabric dust sheets as plastic may stick to some surfaces. It would be prudent to wipe or spray metal surfaces with oil or an appropriate agent to safeguard it from rust.

Flammable goods, ammunition and explosives cannot be stored in a unit. If uncertain about something, do not hesitate to ask the staff. That goes for irreplaceable items like certificates and documents that ideally belong in a bank’s vault.

If a customer is fully aware of all the safety measures taken by the facility and still want to insure the stored goods, the staff can recommend packages that’s on offer or a personal broker can be used.

The team at KeepSafe Storage in Perth will happily offer advice and help where possible, as we are the number one storage facility serving O’Connor and the Fremantle area, and also KeepSafe Storage Balcatta in the Perth area north of the river.

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