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Embracing Seasonal Hobbies All Year Round

Published On: 26 October, 2023|5.3 min read|

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Hobbies are a fantastic way to spend your free time. When so much of your time is taken up by working and other responsibilities, hobbies are what you do for fun. They can ensure you have time to blow off some steam and re-energise ready to get back to work.

Having said this, most people tend to have more than one hobby. There are many kinds of hobbies to explore and they can often be seasonal. Hobbies change with the seasons through the year which means you always have a variety of choices. Let’s take a look at what hobbies are popular throughout each season.



Spring is a great time of year to get outdoors. As winter breaks and the sun starts to shine for longer, the temperatures start to climb and the days are drier. Some of the most popular hobbies at this time of year include:

Flowers blooming in a field as the sun goes down


Now is the perfect time to start your own garden. The soil will have thawed, making it the ideal home for new bulbs and seeds. Whether you want to plant a flower garden or you’re thinking about growing your own vegetables, spring is the best time to start.

For many flowers, vegetables and fruits, when planted in spring, they are ready to enjoy by the summer. Some will even die back for the winter and regrow next spring so you won’t need to do too much work. As with all hobbies, you’ll need the right tools to garden well.



Foraging has become the new must-do hobby. Sustainable living is the goal but foraging is also a lot of fun. You may find edible mushrooms, wild garlic, delicious greens, and more. However, it’s vital that you do your research by reading as many foraging books as possible before you set off.

The last thing you want to do is bring your findings home just to realise they’re inedible. 



Tennis is a sport that can be embraced at any age. You won’t have to look far to find a tennis court and a coach. It’s a competitive sport that many people find exhilarating.

It can help to start off slow with one-to-one lessons with a coach. As you feel more confident, you can start to play with others and in teams. You’ll need your own racket, balls, and tennis clothing if it’s something you decide to keep doing.



Summer presents tons of opportunities to get outdoors, even in the early morning and late at night. It’s a social time of year so it’s ideal for finding hobbies that you can do with others.

Person surfing in the afternoon


Yoga is often a group exercise and there are many classes that happen outdoors during the summer. It will allow you to get back to nature and use the natural habitat to calm your mind and your body. The more advanced you become at yoga, the harder it is. You’ll need your own yoga mat and comfortable sportswear to join in.



This is a great hobby for the whole family. Camping allows you to travel and explore new places. It’s ideal when you want a last minute break away from the everyday and it doesn’t cost as much as a holiday abroad.

To camp properly, you’ll need a lot of equipment. For instance, a tent, cooking equipment and dinnerware, inflatable beds and sleeping bags, plus much more. However, once you’ve purchased everything you need, you’re free to set off whenever you feel like it.



Autumn brings a different time of year to spring and summer. The days become darker and colder but often mild enough to continue exploring the outdoors. The vibrancy of colour from the falling leaves is inviting so many people to continue indoor and outdoor hobbies.


Candle Making

There’s nothing more homely than lighting a candle in autumn. Now is a great time to get started with this hobby. You’ll need to invest in a candle making kit or buy the ingredients you need separately. It can also help to have an area where you can work that you don’t mind getting in a mess.

You can experiment with different candle moulds and different scents. Starting now will give you plenty of time to make as many as you need for Christmas gifts.


Autumn Wreath Making

Hanging a wreath on your door is a sign to family and friends that they are welcome. You make your own autumn wreath by foraging what you need on a walk. Pick up the colourful leaves, pine cones, and more. 

Purchase a bare wreath and then take what you have collected and tie the pieces onto the wreath using string or glue. Add some glitter to your leaves for extra sparkle.



Here comes the ice and snow! In addition to making your own snowman, there are plenty of ways to relax during the winter.



Whether you do it at home or travel for a skiing holiday, this is something many people look forward to every year. Hit the slopes and enjoy yourself before returning for a hot chocolate in front of the fire. If it’s something you do every year, you’ll need your own skis and snowsuit.


Ice Skating

As the Christmas season approaches, there aren’t many towns and cities without an ice rink to skate on. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, it’s fun for the whole family. If you enjoy being on the ice, you can also think about playing ice hockey.


Invest In Storage

If you’re someone who likes to change hobbies according to the season, you may find that you need storage space for all the equipment you need. If you’re looking for somewhere to hang your skis or store your bike, KeepSafe Storage has the solution to your problem.

With a range of storage options and CCTV security on site, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and sound until you need them again. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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