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Space Saving Tips for Tiny Homes

Published On: 22 October, 2020|2.8 min read|

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Space is expensive, so it makes sense to get the most out of every square meter of floor space that you own. Thankfully, there are many options available to get the Self Storage Wangara residents need to feel comfortable and happy.

Storage Cabinets

a spacious kitchen with storage cabinets in a tiny home

Storage cabinets let you stow your items away in a secure manner. Instead of balancing a pile of boxes off the floor, you can use storage cabinets that provide shelves and storage boxes that go to the ceiling. The shelves and compartments inside storage cabinets can usually be adjusted to make optimal use of space.

Some cabinets even come with large compartments that are ideal for hanging clothes or storing large objects, such as brooms, bats, or decorations. Cabinets can also block off sound from noisy neighbors when you design them to fully cover a wall. If you shop around, you can even find cabinets that make your home look great.

Use Self-Storage for Seasonal Gear

ski's placed on a skii rack

Small homes often do not have enough room to store all of your belongings. Instead, consider using the Self Storage Wangara businesses offer to cover your storage needs. Self storage gives you the opportunity to obtain as much space as you need in a highly flexible way. When you need to store additional items, you can simply increase the size of your storage unit. Therefore, the Self Storage Wangara businesses provide is ideal for seasonal items that only need to be stored for a few months each year.

Wall Shelves

a tall divider that also serves as a shelf

You could also consider using wall shelves to obtain extra space. Wall shelves provide benefits that are similar to what storage cabinets offer because you can use them to safely stack all of your items to the ceiling. However, wall shelves make your belongings visible to visitors in your home. As a result, wall shelves are ideal for items that you want to display proudly.

Under-Bed Storage

a queen sized bed frame with a storage compartment underneath it

People who do not have enough space often waste the area under their beds. You can put the space under your bed to good use by investing in under-bed storage. Under-bed storage solutions can often be rolled out so that you can easily access items stored under your bed. You can, therefore, use this space for storing clothes, books, office supplies, and other items that you often use when you are near your bed. Locking under-bed storage solutions can also be a good option for keeping hazardous items away from small children.

Fold-Out Tables

a space saving dining table in a tiny home

When you live in a small space, it is important to make your home as versatile as possible. Using fold-out tables is ideal for saving space. Instead of having a stationary table that sucks up space, you can use a fold-out table that can be stowed away when you are done.

Using fold-out tables in the right way can make your home look larger when you have guests over. At the same time, you can still get plenty of table and desk space when you need it by using a fold-out solution.

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