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Top Interior Design Trends for 2020

Published On: 20 July, 2020|2.5 min read|

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Many of the newest design trends for 2020 embrace the need that many people feel for cheerier interior accents. For remodelling and renovating tasks, KeepSafe Self Storage Perth can help. A storage unit is ideal for continually keeping seasonal belongings, and it’s useful for temporarily storing furniture or other things during a renovation. These are five popular trends to consider.

More Open Space

an open space living area

This idea goes well with lightening the appearance of rooms to enhance natural light. Since clutter can contribute to stress, one solution is getting rid of clutter and minimising interior accents. A clean and simplified look goes well with house plants, and some plants help promote cleaner air. To have more space without getting rid of important things, consider KeepSafe Self Storage Perth to store belongings that aren’t in use frequently.

Totally Terrazzo

a kitchen made out of terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo is a composite substance that can be pre-formed or poured. It’s also sold with chips of granite or other materials in it for a different look. This composite is ideal for people who like the look of glass or delicate materials and don’t want to maintain them. Terrazzo is versatile and durable, and it’s popular for flooring, bench tops, bathrooms and splashback.

Arches and Curves

an epty house with arched doors and windows

Both curves and arches can help give a room a softer and more unique look. Arched doorways, arched windows and curved walls are becoming more popular. For people who like the retro charm of vintage ceilings with rounded edges, that’s another fun renovation option. Circular or oval atrium windows are also gaining popularity, and they help let in some extra light.

Filling Odd Spaces

a well decorated living room with tall plants beside the couches

Many people have an extra bit of space at the end of a bench top or other area. If there’s a reasonable amount of space, it’s better to use it than to leave it empty. Instead of storing or stacking miscellaneous items, consider turning that space into something functional. For example, it may be possible to add a rounded half-table and barstools at the end of a bench top. Depending on the space size, it may be possible to turn it into a study desk, a dining nook or something else. Some people are even adding small banquettes to these empty spaces.

Hidden Kitchens

a hidden kitchen

According to home renovation researchers, Australian kitchens will always continue evolving. The kitchen is a good room to pick for anyone who needs a renovation project due to boredom. The latest trend is hiding some functional parts of the kitchen. In the past, people commonly hid refrigerators and wastebaskets behind cabinet facades. Today, there are clever ways to cover sinks, ranges and more. Many people are also adding more home accents or furniture to make the kitchens seem more like the rest of the home.

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