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Using 7 Perth Storage Strategies Like The Pros

Published On: 9 December, 2021|3.7 min read|

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Whether you are a business owner or an individual who wants to make the most out of your Perth self storage unit, you’ve come to the right place. KeepSafe Storage are going to discuss 7 storage strategies to make the most out of your unit. These tips will help you save time whenever you grab something or store valuables in your storage.

Perth Storage Organization Strategies

Do Your Inventory

Start doing your inventory so you know the items that you are storing. This will also help you access what you only need in the long run. You might also think that you don’t need something, but you might still wonder where it is. Having an inventory of your valuables will help you remember everything that you are storing. You can create a spreadsheet to make the process easier. 

Perth Storage Inventory

Do Your Layout

Create a map of where your things should go, like creating a sketch-out layout of where your items will be placed. Of course, the first thing that you need to do is to take note of all the valuables that you have in your storage unit. This will help you find valuables easier because you have a map of your unit. Do this no matter how small or big your storage unit is to avoid confusion once you start looking for the valuables that you’re looking for. 

Categorize All Your Items

Remember that it is always easier to find the things that you need when they are categorized. You can tape the categories on the walls of your unit so you will remember where is what. Some of the categories that you can use are decor, clothes, documents, bedroom, living room, and more. If you are storing valuables from your company, you can also categorize them by file.

Label Containers and Boxes

Labeling everything will definitely help you in the future, even if the valuables are stored in clear containers. This will help you find things easier because you can read the labels from each of the containers and boxes that you have. It would be best to label all four sides in case they get moved accidentally. 

Prioritize Locations

All the things that you will often need should be closer to the unit’s front. If you know that you will be needing those valuables frequently, it only makes sense that it moves to the front. Put the ones that you won’t really need towards the back. 

Shelving Units

If you don’t like stacking boxes on top of boxes in your unit, it would be best to use shelving units. This will make your items more accessible as well as organized. Some self-storage companies offer shelving units, but in case they don’t, you can always invest in one for your storage units and get one yourself. 

Shelving Unit

Larger Items Against The Walls

For you to navigate easily and access your valuables in your storage unit, it would be best to put all of the larger items against the walls, with the smaller items being positioned towards the front. This will help you get a clear view of the items that you have inside your storage unit. Setting them up this way will help maximise the space that you have.

Storage Strategies Make The Most Of Your Self Storage Unit When Used

All these storage strategies will help you gain far greater benefits from your storage unit, whatever storage facility you are using. They only work when you actually put them into action though. So having read through this guide, and picked up all these wonderful tips on storage strategies, actually start putting them into action. It may take a bit of time to optimise your self storage unit, but when you do you will be able to get a lot more into it. Freeing your home from clutter, or helping you get more product in for your home business so you can create more growth.

Plus, when you have a self storage unit with us at KeepSafe Storage, you can talk to our team of storage experts, and get even more storage strategies to help you get more value from your storage unit. So get in contact, and find out how KeepSafe Storage can help you achieve more.

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