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Top Renovation Trends to Watch in 2020

Published On: 16 December, 2019|2.9 min read|

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As we enter a new year and a new decade, 2020 may be the perfect year to improve your home. At KeepSafe Storage in Perth, we are here to help you with all of your self-storage needs whether you’re planning to renovate a single space or your entire home. To find what could work best in your home to match your personality and protect your investment, consider these renovation trends of 2020 to select the best options for you.

Separate Dining Rooms

The kitchen table may be seen less as more families opt for separate dining rooms. These rooms can vary significantly depending on whether you’re a family with young children or you’re someone who likes to entertain frequently. However, separating your dining space from your kitchen can give your home a true wow factor while also creating a special spot to bond with family and friends.

Seperate Dining Rooms

Image Credit / Marvel Architects

Bold, Warm Colours

For the past several years, many designers loved cool tones that focused on grey backgrounds. However, renovation trends in 2020 are moving toward warmer colours that are grounded with earth tones. Mellow yellows and warm navy blues are particularly popular as statement colours in family rooms and entry spaces. If you’re planning to change the colour of an entire room or want to repaint your whole house, make your job easier by moving your largest pieces of furniture into Self Storage in Perth during your renovation.

Bold Warm Living Room

Image Credit / Giuseppe Trevisani | IMAGEBIN

Monochromatic Rooms

Another fun colour trend is the arrival of monochromatic rooms in which walls and ceilings all feature the same hue. Instead of opting for previously trendy accent walls, designers now recommend painting the entire space the same colour for a daring look that can be quite elegant.

Monochrome Room

Image Credit / DÉCOR AID

Non-White Kitchens

All-white kitchens have been popular for years, but 2020 should see the return of a bit more colour in this popular room. From medium-toned wood accents to warm colours on cabinets and tile backsplashes, kitchens are now getting their turn in the spotlight. Of course, kitchen remodels can be lengthy and require you to move items out of your home. Turn to a reliable Self Storage Location, such as KeepSafe Storage, to keep your kitchen appliances and furniture safe.

Green Kitchen

Image Credit / Three Birds Renovations

Faux Marble Counters

Many homeowners are discovering just how much work it can be to maintain real stone countertops whether they are made of quartz, granite or marble. Instead, they’re turning to faux stone countertops that are made from porcelain or man-made materials. These new designs are nearly indistinguishable from the real things and require very little to no upkeep.

Faux Marble Counter

Image Credit / Rachael Ray Show

Laundry Room Designs

One of the most surprising renovation trends that is expected in 2020 is a focus on the oft-forgotten laundry room. This room is no longer being relegated to the dark basement but is instead getting an overhaul with fun organisational and storage features along with colourful wallpapers and paints. This room will become the place where you can have fun with your design.

Nice Laundry Room

Image Credit / Brittany Devenyi | HGTV

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