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Space Saving Hacks That Are a Must!

Published On: 19 November, 2020|2.3 min read|

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When you find yourself moving into a small home or studio apartment, space-saving hacks are a must. We have compiled a few hacks and ideas that can help you organise as much space as you can. These hacks will leave your apartment feeling nice and airy like an open floor plan should.

Under-bed Storage

towels stored in an underbed drawer

Some space-saving hacks for the bedroom that are efficient are under-bed storage, floating bookshelves, and small side tables with shelves or drawers. Some other ideas for the bedroom would be a headboard with shelving and space-saving dividers for the closet

Floating Shelves for Your Kitchen

an organised modern kitchen featuring floating shelves

Another room that you could use floating shelves would be the kitchen. You could display dinnerware sets while creating space. Another creative space-saving idea could be using a bookshelf to double as a divider and provide extra storage. So to utilise space, renting a storage unit such as Self Storage Perth could hold all your items that are seasonal or that you only use occasionally.

Drop Down Dining Tables

a drop down dining table with two chairs in a corner

Some other creative ideas would be drop-down tables such as a side table or kitchen table. Self Storage Perth can hold onto your larger bulkier items. Just about every studio apartment could use these hacks. However, the use of Self Storage Perth can make space-saving easier and less frustrating, as it opens up many different ways to save space in a small home or apartment.

Downsize Your Furniture

a simple living room setup in a small apartment

Another space-saving idea would be to downsize your furniture. Instead of choosing the large couch, you could replace it with a plush love seat instead. Creating a living space that is free of clutter will create a more natural open feel. Other creative space-saving hacks for your kitchen would be to display your spices. You can also showcase your favourite mugs under your shelving or any cabinet space you might have. There are many different ways you can save space by opting to go vertical to showcase your favourite books or shoes.

You may even opt for using Self Storage Perth for anything that you may want to put away and switch it out at a later time. Self Storage Perth will make sure that your belongings are safe and secure. Creating a clutter-free space is all about creativity and finding what fits your style. As long as it fits your style, feels comfortable, and it feels like your home; and also gives you the open space feel that you adore, then how can you possibly go wrong?

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