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How to safely store your art

Published On: 21 September, 2018|2.6 min read|

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Art happens to be some of the most expensive things people keep in their houses. Art is attractive to the eyes. It adds beauty to the house. On top of that, art is expensive. We spend a top dollar to acquire it. As such, it is extremely important to keep this art well. Perhaps a self-storage unit happens to be the ideal solution for storing these pieces of valuable things. When an individual is looking to store it in the long term or in the short run, it is good to have an ample place to store the art. Self-storage provides that ideal storage location. It is safe, and a person can access the art on demand. Is that not amazing? Below are some tips offered by Storage O’Connor which one might find useful while storing his or her precious piece of art.

Wrap the art in an appropriate manner

This is the first and the most critical step. Art can be delicate. It is precious to all of us. Handle it with the care it deserves. It is advisable to wrap the art in a material which allows air to enter and leave without a lot of hindrances. That is not all. These material needs to be in a position to shield this artwork from dust, moist and other harmful insects. It is helpful to use materials such as foam, tissue paper, high-quality towels and nice sheets. On top of being of high quality, these storage materials are highly affordable to all the people. According to Storage O’Connor, it is not advisable to use a plastic bubble wrap as this would trap air and moist which can extensively damage your artwork. In case one is storing paintings which are backed with canvas, it is advisable for an individual to support the canvas using a strong wood. The wood also needs to be attractive.

Handle them well while transporting them to the storage unit

Now your artwork is wrapped well. It is ready for storage. Storage O’Connor advises you not be in a hurry to transport it. Handle it with a lot of care to minimize damages and breakages. Is it not a treasure to you? Transport them well to where you want them to be stored.

Select the most appropriate shelves

Now your nicely wrapped art has arrived at where it is supposed to be stored. Ensure that it is safe in the storage unit. As such, a nice shelf is appropriate for protecting the art from coming into contact with the ground, minimizes water damage and allows enough circulation of air. Wooden slats are among the best places to store your art. Within the shelf, it is advisable to separate each piece of art from one. For separation purposes, clothes and forms can do an excellent job. In case you want to roll up this artwork, the paintings should always be outside to prevent them from being damaged. The best artwork to roll is that made of latex. Oil-based paintings are a bit hard to roll. It is essential to insure your artwork to minimize the loss in case of an unfortunate happening.

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