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Space when packing

Published On: 12 November, 2015|3.1 min read|

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Whether you’re the guru of packing or just a novice packer who is determined to fit 10 pairs of shoes and a comfort pillow for a quick trip on the road. It does not matter where you fall because you could do with some extra room in your bag. For this reason, these 7 suitcase space saving tips will always come to your rescue as highlighted below.

The Power of Compression

Tap into the power of compression Pack-It Cubes! They are excellent for saving space leaving you very well organized. The compression cube set is not just water and stain resistant but is fitted with compression zippers which work wonders when it comes to shrinking your cubes that are fully packed. It is time to do away with the old habit of sitting on your suitcase to shut it; the power of compression is way more effective.

Collapse your Items

Collapsible items make it very easy to save space in your bag. Hikers for example have known the secret for a long time and it is no wonder they collapse coolers, hiking poles, cups and many others. You can also use this method to collapse things like umbrellas, yoga mats, water bottles and more. Some are able to collapse the bag itself; it is a shame that shoes cannot be collapsed – yet.

Lay your Jewels Flat

The last thing you want is to contend with knotted necklaces as you travel. It is unwise to store your jewels in separate boxes unless you want to fill the little space you have left. The secret is to flatten your jewelry using a small sheet and with a second sheet to hold them securely around it. A specifically design version of this is the Seal Sheet, which is affordable and can save having to cut up sheets to the right size.

Un-bulk your items

Bulky items like a down jacket for that cold weather can occupy huge amounts of space in a bag. The good news is that you can reduce the bulk by up to 80% using a Pack-it Compression Sac. It works by pushing air out so you don’t have to suffer frostbite because you couldn’t pack that heavy jacket comfortably.

Be Digitally Smart

Phone, tablet, laptop, camera, DVD player; all these are digital items that make your life easier. However, your life will be a nightmare if you try to carry all these gadgets together. The secret is to do it the smart way and carry gadgets that can do more than one thing. For example, no need to carry a separate camera when you can use your smart phone. If you are still in the era of portal DVD players, get with the program and discover iTunes!

Re-organize your Beauty Assets

It’s  not the time to be carrying that large bottle of shampoo. To save good space, turn your beauty assets into liquid and carry the amount you need in the Silicone Bottle Set. These are excellent containers that are leak-proof and TSA approved. There is no better way to organize your beauty products efficiently.

A Make-A-Pillow is your best bet

Let’s be honest, you need your neck pillow to arrive at your destination, while retaining your sanity. Jetlag is a reality of life that many have to cope with. Your best bet is a Make-A-Pillow; it is easy to compress when you don’t need it and easy to stuff when you do. This space saver allows you to literally rest easy through your journey.

Hope you enjoy your tips and really keep it all compressed next time you have to travel! However, if you do need a place to store your stuff while traveling, explore Keepsafe self storage locations!

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