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Best Camping Spots around South Perth

Published On: 17 May, 2018|2.8 min read|

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South Perth attracts thousands of outdoor enthusiasts every year. If you’re looking for some optimal places to camp, fish, hike, canoe, swim or enjoy other activities, there are plenty of wonderful campgrounds near South Perth. These are some of the top choices.

 ⛺Lane Poole Reserve ⛺

If you like versatility, Lane Poole Reserve is the place to go. It is near Dwellingup. Although the number of campsites is limited, the sites vary in size. You can enjoy a space that is secluded or one that is in an open area. This campground is situated on the bank of the Murray River. You can swim, canoe or fish in the river. Also, there are some thrilling rafting areas with rapids. If you prefer land activities, there are hiking trails and biking tracks. When the danger level is low, fires are permitted. Visit the campground’s website to book a campsite in advance and to learn about current fees. After your trip to the reserve, pop your camping gear into your Perth Storage unit until next time.

⛺ Honeymoon Pool ⛺

This DPAW campground is on the bank of the Collie River. When you see it, you’ll know why it earned its name. The lush greenery, large rocks and still water give it a magical look. Most campers who visit the area rave about the view and the peacefulness of camping on the riverbank. If you venture into the wooded area, you’ll find several scenic walking trails. There is a track for off-road vehicles nearby if you’re looking for some heart-pumping adventure. However, the track is closed during rainy spells.

 ⛺ Belvidere ⛺

Belvidere is an excellent choice if you like coastal excursions. You can find this campground between Belvidere Beach and Leschenault Inlet. Although the campground is not directly on the beach, it only takes a few minutes to drive to it. The beach is soft, which means that driving along it is difficult without an off-road vehicle. If fishing is one of your top priorities, this area is a prime choice. While it is quieter than many of the popular fishing spots in the area, most fishing enthusiasts report favourable results. A major bonus is that firewood is often provided. This campground allows both caravans and trailers.

⛺ Potter’s Gorge ⛺

This DPAW campground is near Wellington Dam. Since it’s such a popular place, plan your trip in advance. You can swim, fish, hike or relax. There are several sizes of campsites. If this campground is full, there are plenty of other small campgrounds around the Wellington Dam area. Also, there are several tracks for off-road adventures. If you have access to self-storage Perth, throw your fishing gear into your unit on the way back home and prevent it from taking up precious garage space.

Self Storage South Perth

If this is your first camping adventure, you’ll probably want to make camping a frequent hobby or a seasonal family activity in the future. One common issue for outdoor enthusiasts who live in large cities is a lack of storage space. You can solve this problem with Self Storage Perth. With a storage unit, you have a secure place to keep your fishing supplies, canoe, motorbike, trailer or anything else that you need for your camping trips. Further, if you have one car that is not allocated to camping you can store your car to keep it secure.

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