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Published On: 17 October, 2017|2.5 min read|

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Accumulating new stuff is incredibly easy. We cling to our possessions and struggle to throw anything away, even when we don’t use it at all or it’s broken. As a result of this, a lot of people find themselves at the point where their home is overrun with belongings, making it difficult to get organised and sort through everything. At this point, it’s time to declutter. Self Storage in Melville from KeepSafe Storage O’Connor can help make the decluttering process a lot easier. 

Reasons for decluttering

Decluttering is all about reorganisation. If you’re struggling to keep on top of where everything is, you’re more likely to feel stressed and unhappy. Decluttering can help you regain control over your household. Simply throwing everything away isn’t practical, so you need to think of your Self Storage in Melville as an extension of your home. Move some of the items you own into your storage unit for a quick, temporary solution to regain more floor space. 

Getting started

It’s important you create a decluttering plan before you get started. The whole process can be very overwhelming, and it can be tempting to give up halfway through. It’s important you persevere and see the declutter through until the end, and a plan can help that. Break it up into rooms, and break your rooms into sections. At the start of each section, label each item you definitely need to keep first, like the bed in the bedroom, or the couch in the living room. Then start creating piles: things you want to keep but don’t have room for, and things you want to donate or sell. Immediately throw away any rubbish, including broken items.

Moving into your Self Storage in Melville

Everything you want to keep but don’t have room for in your home can be moved into Self Storage in Melville. If there are some items you want to donate to friends, move these items as well. You don’t want large piles of things cluttering up your walkways while you wait for people to come pick them up. Make sure you clearly label everything you move into your storage unit. Creating a master inventory list of everything you move into the unit is also a good idea. 

Reorganise and rearrange your home

Now you’ve moved a lot of the bulky clutter out of the way, you’ll have a lot more floor space in your home. Try and rearrange your furniture to try something new. Make sure you organise the areas that are likely to get cluttered, such as the kitchen bench or your desk, to prevent them from becoming unmanageable. As you start redecorating your home, don’t hesitate to move anything left over into your storage unit. 

If you’re ready to start the decluttering process in your home, chat to the expert staff at KeepSafe Storage O’Connor to find out more about the benefits of using Self Storage.

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