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Tips for Creating More Space in an Apartment

Published On: 19 October, 2021|2.6 min read|

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Living in an apartment does not mean you’re going to feel uncomfortable or crammed inside a small space. There are plenty of ways to make the most of your space, from removing the clutter to renting a Perth Storage unit. The key is to determine what serves a purpose and what needs to be removed from your apartment. You can start maximising your apartment space by keeping the following tips in mind.

Clear The Clutter

Start by clearing out the clutter in your apartment. You want to get rid of any items that are expired or damaged. It also helps to get rid of items you no longer wish to keep, from out-of-style sweaters to a stack of books. You can also get rid of duplicate items such as coffee mugs, beach towels and staplers. Items that still hold sentimental value but don’t need to be stored in your home right now can always be placed in your Perth Storage unit. Imagine how much space you are going to create when you declutter your apartment.

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Multipurpose Furniture

Another way to maximise your apartment space is to look into multipurpose furniture. A storage ottoman, coffee table with drawers and seating with storage all serve multiple purposes in your apartment. You can also look into foldable furniture such as a table and chairs to use in your workstation or hobby corner. Nesting tables are great for serving multiple purposes without taking up a lot of space, especially if the tables have built-in storage.

Reduce Excess Pieces

You may also need to temporarily remove the excess pieces such as a chaise lounge, ottoman or side tables until you have more space for them. It’s best to place these items in a Perth Storage unit for now. The best part of a self-storage unit is you can access your items as needed, and this means you can add and remove your excess pieces as you create more room for them.

Remove Seasonal Gear

It also helps to remove the seasonal items that you don’t need in your apartment at the moment. You can place your holiday decor or outdoor gear inside your Perth Storage unit until it’s time to use them again. A self-storage unit gives you the option of adding and removing items as needed, so you don’t need to keep any out-of-season items in your apartment all year round. Removing the items you don’t need right now is a great way to create more space in your apartment.

Winter Equipment

Hide Special Gifts

Whether you’re preparing for a birthday or holiday, you don’t need to hide your gifts in your apartment anymore. You have the option of hiding the gifts in your Perth Storage until it’s time to give them to your recipient. You can even place your wrapping supplies in your storage unit. This way, you’re not taking up space in your closet or under the bed that could be used for daily items. A self-storage unit also gives you a new hiding spot for your gifts.

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