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How to Start Planning a Renovation

Published On: 20 July, 2020|2.5 min read|

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Now is a good time to start planning a home renovation project. Planning for working space and supplies is an important step to consider before you purchase materials. If you’re planning to renovate a bathroom, a kitchen or several rooms in your home, you can benefit from using a storage unit during this time. KeepSafe Storage Wangara has plenty of options for varying size needs and rental periods. These are the top reasons to use a storage unit while you renovate.

Temporarily Store Belongings

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There are two reasons why it’s beneficial to temporarily store belongings. First, it makes it much easier to work on a room that you’re renovating. For example, if you’re renovating your living room, it’s hard to keep your furniture covered and try to work around it constantly. If you move it to another room, you still have to deal with crowding issues. With KeepSafe Storage Wangara, you can store belongings until your project is done. If you have multiple rooms to renovate, you can rotate the items that you keep in storage.

The second reason why a storage unit is beneficial is because it helps you protect belongings. If you have art, delicate glass decorations or other items that may get knocked over or damaged during a renovation, you can keep them safe and secure in a storage unit. Also, you may be worried about valuables being stolen if you have multiple crews helping for a larger-scale project. Storage facilities have limited access and other security measures. This gives you more peace of mind about your items staying safe away from your home.

Store Project Supplies

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If you don’t need to store furniture or other belongings for a renovation, you can still benefit from using KeepSafe Storage Wangara to store renovation supplies. For example, if you’re doing tiling and replacing baseboards in every room of your home, you can keep the supplies in your unit and bring out only what you need while you work on each room individually. If you were planning to make separate trips and purchase supplies to work on one room at a time, buying them all at once and storing them can save you some extra trips. Some people encounter problems or delays during their renovation plans. When this happens, you won’t have to worry about filling your home with supplies for a longer-than-intended period.

Reduce Clutter

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Storage units are good for keeping documents, seasonal decorations, sports equipment and other items that you don’t use every day. While you can certainly benefit from keeping such items in storage while you work on your renovation project, you can also benefit from keeping the storage unit after you’re done to keep those items out of your way until you need them. After you renovate, you can enjoy your upgrades and more open space in your home with KeepSafe Storage Wangara.

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