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Self Storage for Business Owners in Fremantle & Perth

Published On: 17 June, 2016|1.8 min read|

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With more and more people looking for Self Storage in Fremantle and Perth, and more facilities opening up, businesses now have a lot more options available to them regarding the storage of their stock or operational equipment.

Are you considering renting additional commercial or industrial space for your business? You should consider renting a Self Storage unit instead.

Renting additional commercial industrial space is a major commitment to anyone in business often a new fixed period lease would need to be signed. Self Storage at KeepSafe Storage offers more flexibility, and you can get as much or as little as extra space as you might need, for that special project or expansion. Self Storage offers businesses short or long-term flexible storage and this is the most cost-effective way to your business to expand.

If your business is remodeling the office, or you’re redecorating, you might even be downsizing or you could even be relocating, Self Storage is the ideal choice to help you store your business stock and office equipment.

Peak sales times can be accommodated by Self Storage spaces as well. There is no reason why you cannot beat that big project knowing that you can store the materials needed for the project either short or long-term. This is a great option for storage of additional Christmas, sale or expo stock.

Office space is rented at premium charges. Business records rarely accessed are best stored in Self Storage spaces, clearly marked for easy access, if need be. Your office space is best utilised for the accommodation of staff; they are your most important element in need space to do their work, free up the clutter, and improve your work space.

We have a full range of boxes and packing materials that will assist in the packing of your office records and stock.

Use KeepSafe Storage as your extra office or even another branch, your company’s representatives can access spaces seven days a week providing them with additional flexibility.

We can even accept deliveries on your behalf.

Call us today, and we will help you with your Self Storage in Fremantle and Perth.

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