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2020 Kitchen Renovation Trends

Published On: 22 December, 2020|2.8 min read|

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If you’re like the average Aussie, you regard your home as your castle and want to give it a bit of a refresh now and then. Renovating the kitchen is one of the most effective ways to make a domicile look classy and contemporary. Here are a few kitchen renovation trends worth considering in the coming year.

Open Shelving

A modern kitchen with an organized open shelf

Thanks to the wide availability of recessed storage options, open shelving is seeing a renaissance. Open shelves allow you to show off cookware and easily access it when whipping up complicated meals. Furthermore, open shelves can be installed quickly without costing a fortune. A small Perth Storage unit can be used to safeguard delicate ceramics while you make the switch.

Smart Appliances

A woman making cookie dough while watching a guide from her kitchen TV

Today’s smart kitchen appliances essentially pay for themselves by saving owners money and hassle. Induction cooktops are wildly popular with Australian homeowners thanks to their ability to speed up meal preparation. Voice-enabled smart devices like refrigerators and stoves allow users to enhance their culinary game. Many of the best-selling smart kitchen appliances boast minimalist designs that should age well.

Wall-to-Wall Tiling

A minimalist kitchen with a cook book and chopping board on the counter top

More and more Aussies are realising the benefits of using tile for more than mere splashbacks in the kitchen. The great thing about tile is that it allows homeowners to achieve a unique aesthetic using a variety of geometric patterns. Applying porcelain tiles to the floor will prevent undue wear and tear due to regular foot traffic and spills.

Versatile Islands

A clean modern kitchen featuring a versatile island kitchen placed at the center

Nowadays, kitchen islands are so much more than simple food preparation areas. A multi-purpose island can also serve as a dining table and a storage unit. Incorporating a sink and an under-counter miniature refrigerator only enhances the utility of an island. If you need to clear out your kitchen during the renovation process, a Perth Storage unit is an ideal solution.

Subtle Base Colors Paired With Bold Accents

A open floor kitchen with a subtle color painted on the walls

Generally speaking, kitchens that feature a relatively monotone palette appear sterile and lifeless. You can jazz things up without making the kitchen look like a circus carnival with the selective use of bright colours. Opt for light browns and greys on large surfaces and paint cabinet doors a bold red or deep turquoise hue.

Hidden Storage Options

A hidden pantry storage in a kitchen table

Modern hidden storage units make the average kitchen a far less hectic place to work. A pull-out pantry installed within a partition wall can be used to store spices and condiments. Pull-down storage racks recessed in ceilings is another way to go. A Perth Storage unit is a great place to store niche cookware that won’t fit in hidden cabinets.

Flexible Lighting Sources

White kitchen design featuring large bar style kitchen island with granite countertop illuminated by modern pendant lights

Lighting up cooking areas without burning out your retinas is easy today thanks to the wide variety of LED bulbs on the market. What’s more, strip lighting allows homeowners to illuminate tight nooks and crannies with little effort. When it comes to casting bright light on central areas, a series of track lights mounted on the ceiling is your best bet.

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