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How Self Storage Gives Families Room to Grow

Published On: 21 September, 2020|2.8 min read|

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The bigger your family, the more stuff you’ll acquire. Some of that stuff isn’t even being used, but it’s stuff you’ll need in the future. Why not give it its own place in the world with Self Storage Perth? It’s easy to let excess stuff take over your life, but a storage unit can stop it cold. Here are just a few of the things you can stash:

Camping Equipment

a family having snacks and coffee outside the tent

If your crew loves the great outdoors, you may have an enviable assortment of camping gear. However, you only use it a few times every year, and because it’s bulky, it takes up lots of space in the garage. Moving it to a storage facility keeps it out of your way until the camping bug bites again.

Holiday Decor

two siblings decorating a christmas tree

From hanging skeletons and blood-thirty bats to panoramic Halloween and Christmas lighting displays, your seasonal stuff is part of what makes the holidays special. However, you need somewhere to put everything when the season is over. KeepSafe Storage Perth is the perfect off-season hideaway for all your holiday dazzle. You can also conceal Christmas and birthday presents there that might be discovered too soon if hidden at home.

Garage Sale Items

a couple putting up a garage sale sign

Every family has an assortment of perfectly good stuff that nobody uses. These items can accumulate gradually over time, and as the collection builds, it can get out of hand. Keeping everything in a Perth storage unit can prevent excess stuff from taking up space in your home. It can also fetch a pretty penny when it’s finally time for that big family yard sale.

Baby Gear

blue storage boxes stacked up

If your family is on the thrifty side, you might be recycling kids’ clothes with each new baby. Hand-me-downs can save you a small fortune considering that little ones seem to outgrow everything in a week. If you store all your baby stuff and recycle it with the next little one, you can use the savings for family fun.

Furniture Safekeeping

cardboard boxes placed on a couch

A home addition can expand your space to fit a growing family. However, things can get messy. Not only are your furnishings at risk, but with everything in the area moved around or pushed to the side, your family might feel a bit cramped. Self Storage Perth is an ideal way to keep your possessions safe until it’s time to bring them home.

Keepsakes and Mementos

baby keepsakes stored inside plastic storage containers

Every family has a collection of keepsakes they want to keep safe. These items can range from your grandmother’s antique wedding ensemble to love letters written by your parents during the war. Old photos, crumpled documents and various other odds and ends are things you love to look at but don’t actually use. A storage unit can keep these irreplaceable items safe and easily accessible.

Self Storage Perth can help you manage all your stuff. As an added bonus, clearing away the clutter will make your home feel more spacious and less crowded.

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