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Best Beaches in Perth

Published On: 11 July, 2018|7.3 min read|

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Best Beaches in Perth

If you want to enjoy the sand and sun at some of the top beaches you could hope to find, the West Coast is the place for you. You will find a range  beaches in Perth that attract visitors from all over the world. Whether you are looking for a place to relax or a spot that offers lots of fun, you will find the thing for which you have been searching when you visit the area. These beaches will allow you to have the time of your life, but planning your trip is important if you want to find the right spot for your needs.

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach is the first place at which you should look when you want to find the top beach in the area. You can relax and get a tan or cool off in the water while you go for a swim, and your troubles will fade away as you have the time of your life. When you are done swimming, you can explore shopping centres or grab a drink at a nearby bar. This beach is popular with locals thanks to it’s convenient position close to the Perth CBD and has a bustling esplanade with cafes, hotels and shops lining the beautiful streets. If you are wanting to go for a walk, head south towards Brighton Beach for a stroll along the beautiful shoreline. Those who are feeling a bit adventurous can take surfing lessons and experience the thrill of catching a wave, the beach is very popular with surfers thanks to it’s fantastic swells but also because of the location.

South Beach

When you are in Australia and want to have more fun than ever, South Beach is a place you can’t afford to miss because it offers tons of activities for you to enjoy. After you spend time on the white sand of the beach working on your tan, you can head into town for even more fun. Esplanade Park is a great place if you have children and want to let them have a memorable experience during their stay. Climb aboard a boat and embark on a whale watching adventure to see some of the most majestic creatures in the Indian Ocean. This beach is located close to the area of Fremantle, which makes it’s extremely popular with the younger crowds, however, this is on the southern side of Fremantle, which is home to the boat harbour. This is a very popular spot for locals thanks to not just the beautiful sand and crystal clear water of the Indian ocean, but the beautiful grassed areas around the beach make it the perfect spot to relax on a summers day and enjoy a BBQ. If you don’t feel like cooking, there are plenty of delicious cafes and restaurants in walking distance that serve up some mean fish and chips.

City Beach

This beach is located the closest to the Perth CBD, this cute little beachside area is home to it’s own surf lifesaving club and the beach itself brags a grassy area that is a great spot to set up a picnic and enjoy the blue water. The beaches dunes, white sand and clear water is what makes the beach so popular with tourists and locals. The waves can be a little big when the wind is strong, so the beach isn’t the most family friendly, but, it is a great spot to go for a surf or a swim. The area of City Beach has heaps of food options that look out over the beautiful Indian ocean, which makes them a great spot to relax after a long day at the City Beach.

Cottesloe Beach

Cottlesloe Beach is by far one of Perth’s most popular, even for the locals. The long stretch of coast has over 1km of pure white sand, the beach is both family friendly and popular for surfers thanks to all the space. It is a busy location in both summer and winter and in March the yearly sculptures by the sea festival takes place on the sand, where artists from all over Australia build large sculptures for people to admire. Check out a sunset over the Indian Ocean with a glass of wine under the Norfolk Pines which line the grassy area behind the shore.


Bathers Beach

This beach is located in the area of Fremantle and is also known as Whalers Beach. This beach has one of the richest histories in all of Perth, with businesses starting in the area as early as the 1800s, two local whaling companies were set up and a whaling station was built at this beach.   In recent years however, the beach has seen a flood of popularity thanks to the Perth council giving the stretch of sand a liquor license, meaning you can head down to Bathers Beach and enjoy a beer while dipping your toes in the sand or rent one of the stylish deck chairs and watch the beautiful sunset in style.

Leighton Beach

Another one of Fremantles pretty beaches, this is another one of the most loved beaches in the area. The stretch of sand is popular for snorkelers, wind and kite surfers and families as the calm water make the beach okay for small children as waves average around 1 meter. The northern section of the beach is dog friendly and you will often find joggers walking their pets along the sand.

Mettams Pool

This pretty little swimming hole is home to a reef and is more like a rock pool than an actual beach. During Summer the water in Metams Pool is very calm, making the spot popular for families, if you are feeling adventurous, grab a snorkle or a canoe and check out the reef beyond the rocks. If you are visiting the area in winter, you may notice a large number of surfers, as the winds and reef create perfect swells.

Port Beach

Port Beach is another place you don’t want to miss if your goal is to have fun when you arrive. Like the other beaches in the area, you can rest while working on your tan when you want to take a break from your adventure. But because Port Beach is not far from the action, you can get back to the fun the second you are ready. This spot has heaps of things for you to try and will be to your liking no matter what you are into. This beach is in the hipster capital of Perth, Freemantle, so locals love kicking back with a beer at one of the local breweries after going for a swim. This beach doesn’t have the same swells as Scarborough Beach, it is still just as popular with the locals, and you will often find Stand up Paddle-boarders and ocean swimmers on this stretch of sand, as well as young families, thanks to the family friendly waves and crystal clear water. If you are visiting in winter, go for a jog along the board walk and admire one of Perth’s sunsets over the stunning Indian Ocean.

Final Thoughts

Having the best time and getting the most from your trip mean you need to do some planning before you leave. If Western Australia is the place you have near the top of your mind, you are in luck because you will have plenty of beaches nearby. If you have a little bit more time, consider visiting the Rottnest Island Marine Park, which is home to the Quokkas. Even though Rottnest Island is off the coast of Perth, it is only a short boat ride away and it’s home to some amazing marine life!

Another popular place to visit outside of Perth is the Monkey Mia marine park, this slice of nature is located North of Perth, and is home to cute bottle nose dolphins and serene stretches of coastline that Northern Western Australia is known for.

If you want to get away from the rush of Perth city, finding a nice place to relax and unwind won’t be too hard. But you can also find plenty of fun thing to do on which you can embark when the mood strikes and compels you to live on the edge. If you choose the top things you would like to do, you can have so much fun that you will want to plan your next trip before you even get home.

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