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Home Storage Ideas

Published On: 14 July, 2015|1.8 min read|

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Whilst we at KeepSafe Storage have storage spaces to suit home office or business, we thought we would ask our storage experts to come up with some home storage ideas!

  1. Toilet roll holders (the long ones you thread the toilet rolls) on make a great tool to store sticky tapes, rolls of insulation tape and more. If you are wrapping presents, this is a must as you can also loop a bag with scissors and other accessories.
  2. Did you finish that bag of chips? Pegs make a good handy tie for unfinished packets. Roll the top edge tightly to create a seal, the peg at both ends.
  3. At Christmas where do you store all of those Christmas decorations? Egg Cartons are ideal for Christmas baubles. Put a rubber band around the closed container and you won’t drop them out if you open the carton.
  4. Don’t underestimate using walls and even the ceiling in the garage to store items. Bunnings and Master have a great range of storage solutions for small items. Larger items of course that would prevent you storing your car belong with us at KeepSafe Storage Self Storage.
  5. Use plastic containers to store batteries. Sometimes these can leak and it’s better if they do in a plastic container. It also reduces the chances of batteries short circuiting.
  6. Ice cube trays make good small containers in drawers for pins and hobby supplies.
  7. Magazine racks or holders can make good cling wrap and foil dispenser holders.Safe Storage Self Storage
  8. Your grandfather hounded your grandmother for good reason – he wanted the jam jars so he could store his screws and bits and pieces in the garage. Times have not changed. Save your glass bottles from Jam etc for storage.
  9. Did you get a tin of chocolates for Christmas or birthday? Don’t throw out the tin. You can use it to store all sorts for stuff in the kitchen or garage.

For people looking for storage in Mandurah we have many self storage unit sizes and don’t hesitate to ask us about our Self Storage spaces at KeepSafe Storage Self Storage.

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