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Live Freely With Self Storage

Published On: 21 September, 2020|2.8 min read|

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One of the best ways to simplify life is to unclutter your living or office space. Self Storage units provide an inexpensive, handy way to temporarily remove belongings from underfoot without having to get rid of them. You can put seasonal clothing, craft supplies, furniture and collector’s items in storage units but still have them accessible when you need them. If you live in the Perth area, check out KeepSafe Storage Wangara, located near Wanneroo and the industrial area north of Perth. It’s convenient for both residential and commercial storage for Wangara residents and businesses.

Seasonal Storage

a mother and some removing a christmas tree from a bag

Why keep Christmas decorations and other holiday items in your home year-round? To free up space and make life easier, put seasonal items in a storage facility. You can retrieve them whenever you need them. Store bulky coats and other winter apparel in convenient wardrobe boxes that fit easily into a storage unit. Organise them in a way that makes sense to you, such as by family member or by type of clothing. Label the boxes, and place them in the storage unit so that they are accessible when seasons change. Summer clothing, camping gear, camper vans, boats, bicycles, sports equipment and garden tools can be stored off-season.

Collections and Hobbies

antique collectibles on a red shelf

Do you find your home filling up with knick-knacks and collectibles? Do you have a hobby that accumulates many items, such as model aeroplanes, antiques or dolls? People who sew may find bargain lots of fabric that take up space. All these goods can be organised and kept in storage. Storage Wangara offers 24/7 access to storage facilities if requested.

Business Storage Options

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A well-organised office makes an impression on both clients and employees. KeepSafe Storage offers business storage facilities to meet your needs. Whether you need extra space for online retail goods, stock or document archives, we have a selection of sizes to select from. If you are an entrepreneur who works from home, you can maintain a tidy home office, knowing that your stock and equipment are safe and accessible in your Storage Wangara unit. We also offer vehicle storage. If you have limited parking facilities, we offer indoor and outdoor options for vehicles. Our flexible plans let you choose an arrangement that works best for you.

Secure Facilities for KeepSafe Storage Wangara

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Security is a high priority at KeepSafe Storage. The grounds are monitored 24/7 by CCTV. Staff are onsite during regular business hours from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. on Sundays.

Each unit has its own alarm. In addition, the facility has smoke alarms and fire detectors. You are provided with a unique PIN code for your storage building and unit, adding another layer of security. Our facilities are well-lit and enclosed by a security fence.

Our all-weather loading docks make move-in and retrieval easy. We provide trolleys and pallet jacks onsite and free move-in trucks and trailers to haul your belongings. Our experienced staff can help you determine the type and amount of space you need to free up your space and simplify your life.

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