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5 Helpful Tips For Downsizing Homes

Published On: 27 June, 2022|5.1 min read|

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Downsizing In Perth can be a sensible move with property prices on the higher side. Indeed, moving to a smaller property from a larger one can also provide you with more money that you can use to give your family a better standard of living. However, downsizing in Perth can also be a stressful process. After all, it requires that you size down not only your home but all your possessions as well. The good news is you can make downsizing a great deal easier by following the tips in the post below. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Get serious about decluttering

First of all, before you do anything else, it’s important to get comfortable with the idea that you will need to do an extensive decluttering of your current possessions. Indeed, you will be working with less space than you are used to, so it’s very important that you only choose the most important and functional items.

Decluttering, however, is often much easier said than done. This is for several different reasons, the first of which is that it can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you try and declutter the entirety of your home all in one go.

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Instead, it’s much better to break your decluttering process down room by room, and even when necessary cupboard by cupboard. This is because the feeling of achievement that you get from completing a declutter of even a small space can help keep you motivated over the long term.

Another issue that can make the decluttering process tricky is that our possessions aren’t just objects, but are also tied to our emotions. We can have emotions about even the most seemingly neutral item like a biscuit tin, such as guilt that we bought it we didn’t really need to, or the sense of nostalgia it provides because it was a gift from someone that is no longer with us.

The way to deal with the negative and often complex emotions that decluttering and getting rid of items bring up is to have a clear plan of action and stick to it no matter how we feel in the moment. Read on to find out more about how to formulate such a plan.

Make a plan and stick to it

Now, you may think that decluttering plans are only for the hyper-organised or those that are a little retentive about things. However, this is not the case. Indeed a good plan can help you declutter your home for downsizing while avoiding all the pitfalls including emotional overwhelm.

The key to a good decluttering plan is to sort items into groups and predetermine where they will go once they have been decluttered. Something that will help you keep the chaos in your home to a minimum while you go through the process, and also that will ensure you follow through with getting rid of enough possessions for your downsize.

The first group of items will be the things that you want to keep and take to your new home. These can be sorted into two further sets items that will remain in place until the move, and items that can be packed ahead of time.

The next group of items will be things that you no longer want or need, but that could hold value for others. Subdivide this group into three sections items you will sell, items you will donate to charity, and items you will give to friends and family. Often, giving items that have a sentimental value to friends and family can make it easier to part with them. Although, always check that the person wants the item before you give it to them.

The last group of items are the things that you will want to dispose of completely. Split this group into two sections including things to be thrown away and things that can be recycled.

Remember as you will be completing the decluttering over time, you won’t need to up-end your entire home all at once. Instead, you could have a plastic bin or bag for each sub-group and keep things ordered in that way. Then as soon as a bag or bin is full you know it’s time to go ahead with the action you have predetermined for that group of decluttered items.

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Plan the layout of your new home

Another way that you can make the process of downsizing your home in Perth easier is to pay attention to the layout of the new property that you will be moving into. This is particularly useful when it comes to positioning your furniture as well as for deciding which pieces you will take and which you will donate or sell before the move.

Of course, it may not always be clear-cut as to whether a current furniture piece will fit into your new downsized home until you have moved in. In this case, you may wish to consider renting one of the many Storage Units Perth and keeping the piece there. This will allow you to move into your new home and see how you get on without that specific piece(s) and then make an informed decision. Thereby negating any anxiety over making the wrong choice.

Give yourself time to settle into your new place

Next, if you want to make the whole process of downsizing your home in Perth easier, it’s important to give yourself plenty of time to settle into your new place. After all, you will have to not only get used to living in a new property but make your family’s lives work in a smaller space as well.

There are bound to be some teething issues during this, but if you try and accept them as part of the process, and remind yourself of the benefits that you are gaining by downsizing it can make things much easier to deal with.
Final Thoughts

Benefit from the financial and practical benefits of downsizes and make the processes a great deal easier by following the helpful tips above. Remember downsizing doesn’t have to be stressful.

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