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Prepare For Storm Season With Self Storage

Published On: 19 January, 2018|1.9 min read|

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Storm season in Australia can bring about a lot of damage to your home, your car, and your fences. Taking precautions to protect your belongings from the dangers of severe storms and flash flooding should be an essential task for everyone. While ensuring the safety of your loved ones is and should be the number one priority, it’s important you also take steps to better secure your possessions, particularly your more valuable investments like your car or home. When you’re getting ready for storm season, Self Storage in Joondalup from KeepSafe Storage Balcatta can help.

Checklist for preparing your home

  • Check your roof and drains to make sure they’re clear
  • Remove any tree branches that extend over your home
  • Secure loose items around your property
  • Bring items indoors if possible
  • Bring valuable items into storage in Joondalup
  • Check your insurance is up to date and covers storm damage
  • Create an emergency pack

Protect your vehicle

If you’re able to park your car in a covered garage or car port, make sure you move your car before the storm begins. If covered parking isn’t available to you, make sure you don’t park your car underneath a tree or anything else in danger of falling on your car. If hail is forecasted, cover your windows with towels or blankets to protect the glass, but make sure these are secured to your car and won’t blow away.

Self Storage in Joondalup is secure

There’s no need for you to worry about the safety of your belongings when you move them into Joondalup Self Storage. The facility is fitted with state-of-the-art security measures, including 24/7 CCTV video surveillance. The KeepSafe Storage Balcatta facility also has an all-weather loading dock, so you can safely load and unload any of your possessions no matter the weather.

While the belongings inside your home might be safe, they’ll be more protected inside a storage facility. If any damage is caused to your roof or walls, your belongings inside your home can become damaged. Instead, move them into storage in Joondalup to keep them as secure as possible.

If you’re ready to start preparing your home for severe storms, contact the team at KeepSafe Storage Balcatta today to learn more about your storage options.

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