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Four Key Ways to Improve Your Home Office

Published On: 30 March, 2020|3.1 min read|

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When it’s a well-organized space, a home office can make a huge difference to your level of productivity. Even if you don’t work from home most of the time, you may still need your office for assignments you bring home from work and for your personal projects.

What are some important ways to improve your home office and use it to complete your work more efficiently?

Minimise Distractions

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The distractions you struggle with may not be limited to your computer or phone. They may be a part of the office itself. If your office area is cluttered or messy, you’ll be less likely to focus on your work. You’ll keep looking around and experiencing a mental overload. You also won’t be able to easily find whatever you need at any given moment. Whether you’re hunting for a pen, an envelope, or a slip of paper where you wrote down someone’s phone number, it will get swallowed up in the clutter.

Reducing distractions means getting rid of anything that doesn’t contribute to your work, such as stacks of old magazines, piles of laundry, and random objects on your desk and shelves. Make sure your desk drawers aren’t filled with a jumble of office supplies, papers, food wrappers, power cords, batteries, and other items. Once you remove clutter and tidy up, you’ll reduce time wasted on distractions.

Give Yourself More Room to Move Around

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When you’re feeling stuck in the middle of work, it’s a good idea to pull back from your desk, stretch, and move around. The movement can help refresh you and boost you out of a mental rut.

What if you don’t have enough space to move around in your office? One solution is to remove any furniture you don’t need, such as a spare table or chair. If you live in Wangara, Perth, or other nearby areas on the west coast of Australia, using Self Storage Wangara is one way to keep your extra furniture secure without having it take up space in your office or the rest of your home. Self Storage Wangara is a cost-effective choice that allows you to store your belongings close to home, making them easily retrievable on any occasions when you do need them.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

a computer screen on a desk inside a home office

Printing, scanning, and faxing are among the tasks you’ll likely need to perform in your office. Depending on your area of work, you may want to have extra speakers, monitors, or devices for audio or video recording. Maybe you also want to hang up a whiteboard or keep a small fridge with water and other drinks.

Will you have enough room for the necessary equipment? Making space under your desk and installing shelves are two strategies. Removing superfluous furniture and objects is also critical, and you can rely on Self Storage Wangara for storing any items you don’t want to throw out or donate.

Post a Work Schedule

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When working from home, it can be difficult to keep your home life from encroaching into your office. Family members may frequently interrupt you, or you may become tempted to take too many breaks from work.

Posting a schedule on a door or wall reminds you about staying dedicated to work during certain hours. It helps keep you accountable, and it tells other people that you shouldn’t be interrupted for frivolous reasons.

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