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Published On: 5 December, 2017|3.2 min read|

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Vinyl records have re-emerged in recent years as a tour de force in the music industry, with global vinyl sales reaching a 25-year high as of 2017. If you’re attracted to vinyl’s superior sound and enjoy feeling personally connected to your favourite songs, you more than likely have plenty of vinyl in your music collection. If you’re looking to clear out space in your home or need to downsize your possessions during a move, you don’t need to sacrifice your record collection. You can’t simply toss vinyl records into a box, however. No matter if they’re LPs, 78s, or 45s, ensure your records remain in prime condition by using Self Storage in Osborne Park from KeepSafe Storage Balcatta.

Prune your collection and note condition

The first stage of the vinyl storage process is inspection and downsizing. You might find parting with your records difficult, especially if you’re attached or have financially invested in them; however, some light pruning is often necessary when you’re preparing vinyl records for storage. As you sort through your record collection, thoroughly inspect each record and note any flaws, such as scratches or dents. Consider donating or gifting vinyl records you rarely play, as well as those that skip or are otherwise damaged. Also check for any damage to the album’s sleeves and cover, and repair or replace them as necessary.

Ensure every record has a sleeve

Even a small scratch or ripple on a record’s surface can render it unplayable, so records must always be stored in protective sleeves. When records are purchased new, they typically have three layers of protection: a paper inner sleeve, the outer cardboard jacket featuring album artwork, and a plastic outer sleeve. Your vinyl collection should fare well in Self Storage in Osborne Park if you follow suit and provide three-layered protection.

If your records are missing their outer sleeves, you can remedy the situation with a bulk sleeve purchase. Poly outer sleeves are available in several thickness levels, the most common of which are 1mm and 3mm thick. You won’t need to replace the sleeve if it’s only minimally damaged. In fact, repairing a torn record sleeve or jacket is easy. Simply line up the tear at its seam and affix clear packing tape to the sleeve.

Clean your records thoroughly

Regular cleaning is imperative to vinyl record longevity, and it’s a critical step when you’re preparing your collection for Self Storage in Osborne Park. You can clean your records by hand or with a record-cleaning machine. While these machines are costly, they can save time if your collection is extensive.

To hand-wash your vinyl record collection, you’ll need a specially formulated cleaning solution and a soft brush that traps the lint, dust, and dirt that can clog up a record’s grooves. Place the brush on the record’s inner edge and slowly move it to the outer edge while turning the record in a counterclockwise direction on the turntable platter. After about three rotations, check your brush for debris and repeat the process if necessary.

Box your collection up right

Once you’ve cleaned and sorted your records, it’s time for you to box them up for Self Storage in Osborne Park. Unlike other types of media, you shouldn’t stack vinyl records horizontally; they can warp over time when laid flat. Instead, line them up vertically in a record storage cabinet, wooden record crates, or covered carrying cases.

Safe and Secure Vinyl Record Storage

No matter the extent of your vinyl record collection, Self Storage in Osborne Park is a smart storage option. If you want to preserve your albums or reduce clutter in your home, a storage unit is the answer. Give yourself peace of mind and keep your records safe in a secure storage facility like KeepSafe Storage Balcatta. Storage units are available in a variety of dimensions to accommodate collections of every size.

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