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Published On: 24 October, 2017|1.9 min read|

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There are plenty of reasons why you might need a Self Storage unit. Are you about to move house, or downsize into a smaller home? Are you going on an extended overseas holiday? Or are your children moving back home after some time away? Whatever the reasons, Self Storage in Joondalup from KeepSafe Storage Balcatta is the perfect solution to your storage needs. Before you start throwing everything into your unit, however, make sure you follow these tips. They’ll help you prepare and organise your belongings so they’re protected and remain in great condition.

Packing Tips

  • Put some pallets on the floor of your storage unit, and stack all your belongings on top of these. This will protect your goods from absorbing any excess moisture on the ground.
  • Try and move the larger items or items you know you’ll never need to bring out towards the back of the unit. Items you know you’ll come back for on a semi-regular basis should be stored towards the front. 
  • Some items can be stored vertically to save space. If you take the legs off the dining tables, for example, they can be stored much more efficiently. Sturdy furnishings that can’t be taken apart can also be used as a base for stacking boxes and other items on. 
  • Take the extra time to label all your boxes in detail. The more effort you put into labelling, the easier it will be for you to find specific items you need later on. You should also create a master inventory list of all the items you’ve moved into your Self Storage in Joondalup, and create a diagram indicating where each box is located. 
  • Even the smallest unit sizes available can hold quite a lot of stuff. The more effort you put into packing your unit carefully, the better you’ll be able to utilise the space. This will make your storage unit more organised, and will save you money. 
  • Place sheets of plywood between large stacks of heavy boxes to create some extra stability. 

Self Storage in Joondalup is an affordable, efficient storage solution, especially when you take the time to properly prepare your belongings. Following these tips will help you get the most from your storage unit at KeepSafe Storage Balcatta

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