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Top 5 Secrets to Choosing the Right Colours for Your Room

Published On: 5 February, 2021|2.7 min read|

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Which colours would be best for your room? It depends on many factors, but the most important one is related to which colours you enjoy. Regardless of considerations such as how well colours blend together with the rest of your room, you want to ensure that you use colours you enjoy! However, that’s not the only consideration that you should have.

Reflecting Your Individuality

A man facing a rainbow-coloured wall

Not only do you want to use colours that you prefer, but you should also consider using colours that communicate your individuality to others. When others walk into this room, they should get a feel for who you are as a person. For example, you want to mostly use bright yellow to show how energetic you are or more of a grey to communicate that aspect of your personality.

Consider Regularly Changing Your Colours

 A woman painting the wall with a pain roll

Depending on your personality, you may want to periodically change the colours in your room. For example,you want to switch between a bright yellow and a grey every few months, or perhaps you would instead prefer to make more gradual changes, such as switching between shades of blue. Regardless, in this case, you should consider regularly storing the materials that you need to paint in a Self Storage Perth space so that they don’t clutter your room but are also easily accessible for when you need them.

Evaluating Your Space

A woman medidating on her bed in her room

Take a look at your room, and consider which colours would best blend with the items that are in it and with adjacent rooms. Also consider moving items in or out of the room to help the space as a whole have the look that you’re looking for. For example, perhaps you want to use colours in a way that creates a visual focal point. Also take into account that deep colours tend to create a cosier feel while lighter colours can help your room feel more open.

Consider What You See Out Your Windows

An empty room with three big windows installed in the walls

Another thing to consider when you get your painting supplies from your Self Storage Perth space is how your windows are affecting the room, more specifically what you see out of those windows. How large are your windows? Are they facing the sun for much of the day? What is the scenery? Take all of those answers into account as you decide which colours inside your room would blend or contrast with what is often seen outside of its windows.

Remember Your Ceiling

A man painting the cieling with a long paint roller

The colour that you use to paint your ceiling also plays a significant role in the feel of the room as a whole, so make sure that you have also considered that before you go take your items back to your space at Self Storage Perth. Of course, you can simply paint your ceiling the same colour as your walls, but also consider other options. For example, a lighter colour there can make your room feel bigger while a darker colour on your ceiling can give your space a sense of sophistication.

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