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Using Self Storage to Help You Downsize

Published On: 21 August, 2020|2.4 min read|

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Whether you’re eager to downsize to a smaller home to save money, to reduce your impact on the environment or to save time and energy that otherwise would’ve been spent on cleaning and maintenance, one thing may be standing in your way. Downsizing is a wonderful idea if you do not regularly use all of the rooms in your home or if some rooms are excessively larger than what you actually need. However, these spaces may hold furnishings, heirlooms and other items that you don’t want to get rid of. The perfect solution is to utilize Self Storage Perth.

Start Packing

Before you rush out to rent your storage unit, pull together all of the items in your home that you want to put in the unit. To conserve space in the unit, avoid storing items that are meaningless to you or that you haven’t used in years. Create separate piles for items that you want to keep in your next home, that you can sell, that can be donated and that can be tossed out. Items that don’t fall into these categories should be placed in a box or bin for long-term storage. Going through your entire home in this manner is time-consuming and exhausting, but it’s an essential step in order to maximise the benefits of downsizing.

Estimate Your Needs

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The rent for your Self Storage unit will become a regular expense in your budget, so you understandably don’t want to pay more than necessary. Cluster all of the items together that you intend to securely store outside of your home. Measure the dimensions of the space. This step gives you a reasonable estimate of the unit size that you need when you sign the lease for Self Storage Perth.

Choose the Right Self Storage Unit

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Self Storage units are available in many sizes to suit different needs, and it makes sense to choose a unit that is slightly larger than what you need today so that you can conveniently add items to it as needed. However, size is only one of several factors that you should consider when selecting your storage unit. These facilities are generally secure and may be protected by cameras, security gates, locked doors and other methods. The level of security and the availability of different unit sizes will vary, however. In addition, some Self Storage Perth facilities have climate-controlled units for the protection of electronics and various other items that shouldn’t be exposed to humidity or extreme temperatures. KeepSafe Storage Perth has a great selection of storage units available to fit your unique needs, so now is the perfect time to start downsizing.

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