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The Benefits of Self Storage for Apartment Living

Published On: 19 March, 2021|2.7 min read|

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Space can be a challenge when you’re living in an apartment. When the closets and cabinets are full, excess items begin to take residence in less convenient places. You may find that you’re constantly shifting things around to make room for something new. A Perth Storage facility can give you the extra space you need to keep your living space organised.

Space for Seasonal Items

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The climate in Western Australia is beautiful, but some months are wetter than others. If you want to bring patio furniture inside during the rainier season, your Perth Storage space is the perfect spot to keep it out of the way.

Room for Exercise Equipment

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Exercise equipment is another item that can change with the seasons. When it is cooler outside, you and your family may not go for as many bike rides. With a self-storage space, your bicycles can sit safely until better riding weather. Indoor exercise equipment also takes up a lot of room when it is not in use. If you always exercise outdoors during a season of the year, storing your treadmill or stationary bike will open up some real estate in your apartment.

Items with Sentimental Value

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Many people have emotional ties to items that they don’t use but can never throw away. A child’s toys, old family photographs and other heirlooms are often too precious to part with. By keeping them in a self-storage unit, you will know that they’re stored safely where you can always access them, but they won’t take up space in your daily life.

Supplies for Hobbies and Other Projects

Cross stitch materials

A Perth Storage area is a great way to organise personal projects and hobbies. Hobby supplies have a way of multiplying over time and cluttering rooms. By using your storage space for supplies and unfinished projects, you can minimise the impact on your living quarters. You can pick up the supplies you need for an active project and leave the rest conveniently tucked away.

Extra Clothing

A woman carrying clothes

If you have clothes that you only use on special occasions, a Perth Storage space will help make room in your closet. You can keep your suits and fancy dresses looking their best by packing them in garment bags in a well-maintained storage unit.

Guest Furniture

A bedroom

If you have extra furniture for guests, it can stay out of the way in the storage unit. When a guest comes to visit, it is simple to convert a study into an extra bedroom with a quick trip to the storage facility. If you have moved to your current apartment from a larger home, a storage unit also lets you hold on to extra furniture until you move into a larger living space. Or if you want to use self storage to make space for entertaining guests it can easily be done by visiting your self storage unit.

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