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Self Storage During Home Renovations

Published On: 7 March, 2018|1.8 min read|

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Home renovations are always challenging. Whether you continue to live in the home while it’s being renovated or move out temporarily, the question about how to protect your belongings during that time remains. As work is undertaken on a room, furniture, clothing and other household items must be shifted to make space for the work. Ceiling and attic work create a huge mess from dust and debris dropping onto everything below. In addition, you want to be sure your belongings remain safe. It can be hard to keep track of everything when there’s constant shuffling from room to room.

There’s an easy solution. Putting your goods in Self Storage in Perth from KeepSafe Storage Welshpool during renovations lets you select what stays in your living space and what can be stored. As work progresses, you can cycle your goods in and out of storage as you need them.

Self Storage in Perth

KeepSafe Storage Welshpool is an affordable storage facility that’s completely secure. There are a variety of security measures in place, and you can further protect your belongings by getting an insurance policy for them as well. A complimentary truck or trailer is also available to help make transporting your goods as easy as possible. 

Sizes of Self Storage units

There are a variety of unit sizes available, ranging from small units capable of holding a few boxes, to larger units able to store the goods from your entire home. As your storage needs change throughout the renovation process, you can move into a smaller or larger Perth Self storage unit. If you’re not sure what size is the most suitable for your needs, our staff can help! They will ask about the size and amount of furniture, number of rooms, and other facts to determine the right size for you. 

Using Self Storage in Perth from KeepSafe Storage Welshpool during the time of your home renovation will let you rest assured your goods are safe and protected during a stressful time. You can move back in at your leisure and enjoy your new living space with your belongings intact.

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