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Self Storage For Farm Tools

Published On: 28 July, 2023|5.1 min read|

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When working in the agriculture sector, it’s inevitable that you will use an extensive range of farming equipment. From machinery to tools, your inventory needs an organised management system in place. A dedicated self storage for farm tools solution could be the answer.

Here at KeepSafe Storage, we offer a versatile selection of business self storage solutions, including options for farming companies of all shapes and sizes. Here’s all you need to know about the benefits of using self storage as well as how to make the right choice for your agricultural business. 


Why Use Self Storage For Farm Tools?

As an agriculture business manager, your inventory will include an array of farming tools and equipment that will be used throughout the year. However, many products are only used for seasonal requirements. When not in use, keeping assets stored in an appropriate fashion is essential.

Self storage for farming tools is the perfect option for many reasons. Some of the key benefits include but are not limited to;


  • Save valuable space – Australia’s agricultural land is down 5% but keeping large items stored off site will lift a weight of stress from your shoulders.
  • Save money – self storage units are surprisingly affordable and additionally prevent you from having to construct a storage shed on your land.
  • Gain optimal security – when you keep farming tools stored at a secure facility with 24/7 monitoring, you remove any threat of theft or vandalism.
  • Avoid weather damage – a climate controlled facility will keep your products safe, reducing maintenance needs and prolonging their lifespan.
  • Avoid distractions  – by only keeping the products you actually need on your land, it is easier to stay productive and prevent delays to daily processes.

Farming equipment is often large and expensive. However, the right storage solutions for machines, vehicles, and other tools deliver a cost effective result that also keeps your mind at ease. Whether it’s a few hectares or an extensive plot of land, self storage can become a valuable asset for running a successful business.


What Farming Tools Can Be Kept In Self Storage?

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Keeping equipment stored in an enclosed shelter won’t only promote better organisation. It also prevents the risk of rusting or rotting. One of the big questions to ask before renting a storage unit, then, is: What products can I send to storage?

Virtually any farming tool can be kept in storage, alongside a huge selection of vehicles and machinery. As the market grows with a CAGR of 7%, it’s likely that you will possess a large number of assets that could be suited for self storage. Some examples are;


  • Farming vehicles including tractors, ATVs, and harvesters.
  • Tractor attachments like seeders, ploughs, and balers.
  • Farming hand tools such as rakes, saws, and sprayers.
  • Produce sorters like weight sorters, blemish sorters, and density sorters.
  • Equipment for loading, milking, or animal feeding.

While some tools are used daily and best kept on your land, any assets that are only used at certain times of the year can be kept at your self storage unit. It is a step that will benefit you whenever those items are needed throughout the years to come. Alternatively, it will maximise the resale value of the assets.


Considerations Before Choosing Self Storage For Farming Tools

When using a self storage unit for farming tools, it’s imperative that you are suitably prepared. Good planning will help you find the best solution for your finances while simultaneously supporting your farming operations. 

Given that 99% of Australian farming businesses are wholly owned by Australians, the vast majority will look for local self storage units. The following checklist will ensure that the farming tool storage facilities are used to their full potential;


  • Make an itinerary of every item that you wish to keep at the self storage unit. This will prevent future stressful situations, such as questioning yourself about whether a tool is on your land or at the unit.
  • Consider how much storage space is required, based on the farming tools that will be kept in storage at different stages of the year. While you don’t want to waste money on unnecessary space, you also want to avoid relocating items to bigger units.
  • Ensure that all tools are dry before being put into storage. Otherwise, they will encounter rusting and other issues caused by dampness. Batteries should be removed from any items that use them too.
  • Keep items stored safely. Many hand tools should be hung up vertically while other farming tools are best stored in boxes or shelving. Some equipment may need to be strapped into place too.
  • Think carefully about which items are needed first or more frequently. This will allow you to create walkways and ensure easy access to the right items. Similarly, you need to ensure there is enough room for larger items to be moved.


Here at keepSafe Storage, our advisors are happy to work with you throughout this phase of the process. In turn, you will save a lot of time and hassle later on when you need to access your assets. Once again, it will allow you to hire a storage space with 100% confidence too.


Protect Your Farming Tools With KeepSafe Storage

Appreciating the benefits of self storage for farming tools is one thing, but you will only experience those rewards when you partner with a reliable self storage provider. KeepSafe Storage is the ultimate choice for many reasons. For starters, we have multiple conveniently located facilities across WA and Victoria.  

As well as offering a range of storage units suitable for agricultural tools, we can store various vehicles and machinery types while also providing forklifts and other features to promote quick and convenient moving. All facilities are protected by 24/7 CCTV monitoring while you will be able to access your possessions at any time too.

To learn more about how our self storage facilities can support your farming business, contact our friendly experts or arrange an online quote now. The future of your agriculture business never looked better.


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