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14 Uses for a Self Storage Unit

Published On: 6 August, 2020|5.2 min read|

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Whether you have extra room in your storage unit or are curious about their uses, KeepSafe Storage can help answer your questions. Discover 14 new ways you can use your self storage unit, spanning recreation, business needs and more!

Make the most of your self storage unit with KeepSafe Storage

People choose to hire a storage space for lots of reasons. Here, we outline 14 unique ideas to make the most of your storage space.

Personal uses for storage unit

There are plenty of personal storage uses for a self-storage unit! Read more to learn how you can make the most of your unit with Keep Safe Storage.

Moving Home

In between places? Temporary storage units in a variety of sizes for while you wait to move into your new home.

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Home Improvements

If you are undertaking renovations, you may wish to store your belongings, so they don’t get damaged or dusty.

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Show your best, store the rest – Decluttering with home storage can help make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Almost every home shows better with less furniture (and will help people imagine their own things in your space).

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Life Events

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re constantly changing along with their storage needs. Whether this be a new addition, or the death of a loved one, changes in your family dynamic can be testing. Whilst storage might not be of the highest priority during these times, it is something to consider. Our storage units provide convenient storage to keep your loved one’s items safe and secure whilst you take on transition, be it a divorce, separation or a bereavement; giving you valuable thinking time and a chance to determine which items you’d like to keep in a storage unit rental or which to eventually part with.

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Sports and Recreational Equipment

Choose from our variety of storage unit sizes to store your sporting gear and recreational equipment.

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Travelling can be stressful. What do you take with you? And importantly, what happens to everything you leave behind?

This is true whether you’re travelling for a long period of time or need short term storage for work travels or a gap year adventure. Ensuring your belongings are safely in storage can give you peace of mind to help you fully enjoy your time away.

When you get back or in between your trips, we also have luggage storage in one of our smaller storage units like the lockers for example. Learn more about self storage while you are traveling 

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If you are a student, space may not always be something you have access to. Or perhaps you are travelling over the semester breaks and need somewhere to keep your belongings. Our short term storage units are available in a variety of sizes.

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Business uses for a storage unit

At KeepSafe Storage, our flexible storage solutions listed below, help businesses to store smarter and more cost effectively than traditional retail space.

The right unit size

We have over 20 different unit sizes; from the size of a 1m2 locker to a 30m2 commercial unit or various combination options. Regardless of your online stock holding we will have the right size storage unit for you which means you will only pay for the space you need at any given time. With the flexibility to upsize or downsize your space as your business changes, you can run your online business efficiently. We even offer a variety of shelving options to better utilise your floor space.

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No inflated retail rates or long-term leases

Our storage units are available for businesses to store from as little as one month. There are no complicated long-term leases to sign or inflated retail rates to pay. The storage price is all inclusive of 24/7 access, free WIFI, maintenance and security costs.

Space to work

Online businesses may not need a physical store but do still require some space for all those admin tasks such as printing labels and processing customer orders. Many businesses work directly from our storage rooms where you can hook up the internet, a phone line, a laptop and printer and even put in a desk. Everything you need in one place. 

a woman smiling while she works on her laptop

Keeping your stock safe

Our buildings our modern and purpose built. Every storage room is individually alarmed, and every customer has their own PIN code access to the storage areas and their rooms. 24 hr CCTV, smoke and fire detectors, staff on site seven days a week during trading hours and perimeter fencing add additional layers of security to your business storage.

Please note: these features may vary between facilities.

two cctv cameras

Multi-site storage

We have 6 facilities around Perth, so your stock will always be close to where you need it. Our team are there to help with the management of more than one storage location, which will make running your multi-location business, that much easier.

a warehouse facility from an areal view

Extended hours access and other helpful services

We know your working hours need to be flexible, so we offer access when you need it with our extended hours, 24/7 access. Other ways we can help make things easier for you is by accepting deliveries on your behalf when you are not around, organising couriers and even just helping with your photocopying. We also have a forklifting service available and offer free use of pallet jacks and trolleys for when moving your stock in and out. In addition we have a Free Move-in truck or trailer, which are also available to rent at competitive rates to our valued customers.

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