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Published On: 17 June, 2017|1.7 min read|

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There are so many times in your life where Self Storage in Fremantle from KeepSafe Storage O’Connor will come in handy. Self Storage in Fremantle gives you a secure location to store anything from empty boxes to your most valuable items, but there are some items you simply can’t keep in a storage unit.

Animals can’t be stored

Pets are not permitted to be kept in Self Storage. Not only is it cruel, but it also creates an unsafe environment. No matter how difficult it is to look after your pets during the moving or renovation process, putting them in Self Storage in Fremantle is not an option.

No weapons are allowed

If you own any firearms, or you’re a hunter with a large collection, you cannot keep them inside Self Storage in Fremantle from KeepSafe Storage O’Connor, or in any other storage location.

While KeepSafe Storage O’Connor is a completely secure facility, weapons are not permitted within storage units for safety reasons.

Food is a mistake

Any kind of food left in a storage unit, even if it’s just a biscuit crumb, will attract bugs, rodents, and other other animals that will cause damage to the items you’ve stored in Self Storage in Fremantle. During your moving process, it’s important that you clean each item properly and thoroughly examine them for any food crumbs and scraps to prevent this issue.

Things that may combust

Keeping anything combustible within your Self Storage unit is a recipe for chaos. No one wants to worry about their belongings catching on fire, so make sure you avoid storing items such as oil, gas, alcohol, and paint thinner.

No human beings allowed

Storage units are not suitable places to sleep or live. While they’re a great place to keep your excess belongings, they’re not a great place for keeping people.

Before you move into your Self Storage in Fremantle from KeepSafe Storage O’Connor make sure none of these items are stored inside your boxes!

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